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"Sew a Thought, reap an Act. Sew an Act, reap a Habit. Sew a Habit, reap a Character. Sew a Character, reap a Destiny." -Anonymous 

Everything in our life are patterns, some changing automatically and others manually. The flow of fate and free will are ever in question. To change our lesser, un-serving patterns into greater, serving ones, we must first recognize it, and then become the change! We specialize in assisting you with that change; our mind, body and spirit practices and performances are sure to take your breath away.. and then give you a reminder to breathe again, even more fully than before! We do this through yoga, meditation, QiGong (energy study), Reiki (energy healing), Acro Yoga, wellness consulting, lectures, dancing and fire spinning!

Give the gift of wellness, prosperity and enjoyment of every moment to yourself, your loved ones, and your full circle of influence. This is the first step, you have opened the door, so please, come in.


Jesse Hart

 I am astounded by our grand potential to thrive; individually, collectively, locally and globally! Nothing gets me more more in tune with how reachable that success is by focusing inward, on the breath, the body and all its inner-workings that all work to harmoniously sustain our life and our reality as it stands (or sits). It would be a pleasure and an honor to assist and guide you to a state of well being and abundance that is truly your natural birthright. It’s about taking the first step and then keep stepping, and showing up; consistency is key! I have this key, and many more to share with you as we explore the temple of ourselves on the journey of our lives. Thank you for your time and attention; blessings.

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Grants Pass, Merlin, Sunny Valley, Wolf Creek, Gold Hill, Central Point, Medford, Talent, Wilderville, Cave Junction, Murphy, Williams and all of Josephine and Jackson Counties!

Full Circle Phenomenal; a doorway to ever betterment!


Jesse makes sure students of every level are kept busy and working on things appropriate for their skills, and the foundational exercises at the core of every course are very helpful.
— Christine Lazina

Join us for a phenomenal experience!

I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to take Jesse’s yoga classes, and also to work with Jesse in the incredible world of Reiki. Jesse is very energetic and highly intuitive; filled with kindness and love that radiates out into the world around him. His gentle spirit guides him to reach out and share the gift of light and love as a patient, accomplished instructor and gifted healer. I am honored to have shared in his spiritual journey, and blessed that he has shared in mine.
— Rev. B. Alan Little