Class Schedule

Public Classes (updated November 3, 2019 - final set of classes before our take off around the world! - all public classes are drop-in available):

All Level Yoga - 9:00-10:30am - Merging Rivers Zen Center (243 SW J St, Grants Pass, OR 97526) - $15-20 Sliding Scale

Acro (Acrobatic) Yoga - 5:30-7:00pm - Merging Rivers Zen Center (243 SW J St, Grants Pass, OR 97526) - $15-20 Sliding Scale

Flow Art (Poi) - 7:30-9:00pm - Merging Rivers Zen Center (243 SW J St, Grants Pass, OR 97526) - $15-20 Sliding Scale

Private classes available!
All classes cater to all levels and do no require that you bring anything but yourself and perhaps a yoga mat. We specialize in yoga, meditation, QiGong, wellness consulting (organized food healing, exercise and future projection [goal setting] regimens), Reiki, acrobatic yoga (Acro), and flow art / fire spinning. Prices vary due to time, location, frequency and availability; we are also open to trade/exchange, not strictly money. :)

What is...?

Yoga: An ancient practice that offers a direct means of calming the natural turbulence of thoughts and feelings. Yoga
concentrates restlessness of the body enabling us to center ourselves and move in a constructive direction. Translated, Yoga means “Union”: of the individual consciousness or soul. Though many people think of yoga only as physical exercises — the ‘asanas’, or ‘postures’, that have gained widespread popularity in recent decades — these poses are actually only a superficial aspect of this profound practice of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human body, mind and breath. During the class, catered to your abilities, we focus inward on the breath, allowing the body to become unbound. Yoga Fusion combines different styles of yoga (primarily Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and "Hart" style) to cater to the students specific needs and wants. Candle Light Yoga offers a calming, yet stimulating Hatha practice that will lead you to a great nights sleep.

Acro Yoga: A physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic massage. Acro is a great hobby and exercise for all shapes and sizes; this is your chance to enjoy a beginners/intermediate course and have a truly fantastic time being a professional kid (remember playing "airplane" with your sibling?). No partner needed!

QiGong: Translated, QiGong [chee-goo ng, -gong] means “Energy Work” or “Energy Study/Discipline”; an ancient Chinese system of simple physical exercises and breath influence, QiGong explores moving and absorbing the bio-electric energy that we are and is all around us. Finding blocked or stagnant energy is key to discovering our potential power in health. 

Reiki: An energy-healing practice that is considered safe with no side effects. Under the notion that the body is more than a physical entity, Reiki focuses on all aspects of being including mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The holistic medicine can help heal your body from physical illnesses to mental conditions. It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. The word can be broken down into two meanings. “Rei” means God’s wisdom or higher power. “Ki” is the life force energy. When combined, Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy. Like a massage for your light body / spiritual essence.

Flow Art/Fire Spinning: The practice 'flow art' or 'fire spinning' takes objects (also known as 'props') and utilizes them for exercise and performance. Some popular styles include poi (spinning spheres), staff, juggling, hula hoop, and swordplay; even Yo-yo, pen spinning, and boomerang could be considered a flow art. All can be practiced as day props or potentially night props that implement LEDs and FIRE.

Wellness Consulting: Much like ‘life coaching’, Wellness Consulting is an overlook of your entire state of well being to implement different workout regimens one can be happy with, food journalling, breathing and meditation exercises, goal setting/future projecting and overall mindful support as a good and loving friend would naturally supply.