The Applegate River Flow Fam Jam Free Festival!

Our wonderful riverfront space that the Flow Fam Jam is currently hosted upon.

Our wonderful riverfront space that the Flow Fam Jam is currently hosted upon.

This may be a little last minute, but I wanted to notify others that we are about to embark on a second take of the Applegate River Flow Fam Jam free festival this weekend, October 12-13, 2019. Read the following event descriptions and please reach out if you’d like to collaborate with us (schedule currently in construction; it’s a big potluck / mini-festival event put on for its attendees, by its attendees).

1st Flow Fam Jam (9/13/19): Applegate River Flow Fam Jam - An Ever Free & Freeing Event -
Finding myself tired of the paperwork, money, wristbands, drug abuse, and overall limitations, I decided it was time to create something that I, and others, did not need to jump through hoops in order to experience and keep experiencing:

This is a festival that is not about us vs them, or numbers, or names, this is a festival that sets an example of what we as human beings are simply and plainly capable of; a world of constructive fun, profound insight and growth, as well as the ease to retain a natural high without the use of anything but what is already inherit within ourselves. Imagine a society support system; enabling you to find security and belief in yourself and all selves.

One day of high sobriety.

There will be classes, music, trade, workshops, fire spinning, dancing, swimming, food, yoga, healing, story telling and certainly more! What would you like to bring to grow in your own and other lives? This is an event put on by the people who attend it!

At 5:55pm, Friday September 13th, into a full moon night, we will begin a 24 hour long mini-festival/big-potluck that will be the first event in a series of events that will work towards enabling a permanent free and creative society for all Earthly kind. The event will be happening in between 7997 and 8075 N Applegate Rd., Grants Pass. Check the event feed for pictures of the location.

Schedule, subject to flexibility and change:

Friday, September 13, 2019

5:55pm Gate Opens
6:30pm Potluck meal
7:00pm Opening Circle and Altar Setting
8:00pm Essential Oils over Pain Killers
8:45pm Fire Spinning, Belly Dancing and Drumming
10:30pm Evening Yoga and Full Moon Meditation

12:33am Full Moon Peak - self prayer, intention/goal setting, gratitude.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

8:00-9:00am-ish Gentle Morning Yoga and QiGong
10:00am Tea Time and Tantra Talk
11:00am Art Rendering
12:00pm Potluck Lunch
12:00-3:00pm Free Time
3:00pm Crafting Your Life Story
4:00pm Raks Matana Tribal Dance Class
4:00pm Poi Flow Art Class
5:00pm Cool down Yoga, Meditation and Closing Circle.
5:55pm End of Festivities

Produced by The Academy of the Heart and Infinite Comings, we open up the doors of our home to host this event. Though this is a public event, there will be a light screening process to make sure the attendees understand that their own custom contribution to the event and commitment to no drug/alcohol use is necessary and agreed upon. Please list yourself as “Attending” or “Interested” and we will be in touch!

Picture of the night of our first flow fam jam, fire spinning under the full moon!

Picture of the night of our first flow fam jam, fire spinning under the full moon!

2nd Flow Fam Jam (10/12/19): Applegate River Flow Fam Jam - An Ever Free & Freeing Event -
What does it really take to be part of the bigger picture? How might we actually DO something for the conscious evolution of humanity on a global scale? You might think, getting involved with a “conscious community” is the way to go! It sure seems as though contributing to festivals and their communities are one of the best ways to take action . . . but at what cost? Even if they are promising reimbursement for your entry fees and necessities, ask yourself “Is my time, energy, and efforts actually being appreciated for what it’s worth?” We have found, time after time of trying to get involved, that the events representing “conscious living” are actually COSTING people to contribute, and essentially taking from what could be much greater!
We are here to shift that pattern . . .

The Academy Of The Heart presents “The Applegate River Flow Fam Jam” in dedication to providing education on conscious living, holistic health, and epic entertainment, FOR FREE!!

We are a globally growing community of teachers, healers, and entertainers. Our mission is to spark a movement; A chain reaction of self sustaining, conscious living, perma-fest communities across the globe.

To us, conscious living means healthy consumption, holistic education, eco-friendly sustainability, and a drive to thrive!! Together we hold sacred space for those ready to evolve and break free from patterns of dependency. Together we enable each other to cultivate the highest states of sobriety imaginable. Please leave behind all “substances” you find yourself dependent on. We are a community that reaches highs by living through our heart’s callings, encouraging each other’s passions, and embodying our fullest potentials.

Note: This is a GIVE FREELY RECEIVE FREELY / FREE event. There is no entry fee, or required duties. Our only request is this: If you plan on being present, contribute in a way that feels right! Plan on sharing something that resonates with your heart and your divine purpose on this planet:

Welcoming Teachers!!!
Here we open the door for anyone and everyone willing to share their gifts. Are you an artist? Perhaps you’d like to lead a crafty workshop! For dancers, yogis, and other movement artists, come and teach an active class! For ANYONE with a zesty and constructive passion, we invite you to share your insights in a presentation!

Welcoming Healers!!!
Your hands, gazes, food creations and liquid alchemies, are wonderfully gifted with healing energies. We are honored to invite you to share your practice in our sacred space of healthy transformation. Whether it be massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy, or whatever your own blend of magic, it’s all welcome.

Welcoming Entertainers!!!
Calling all fire spinners, flow artists, aerialists, dancers and Acro yogis! Calling all musicians, DJ’s, drummers, and vocalists! Calling all poets, live painters, and artists of every kind; we welcome you to make yourself at home. Bring your best acts of awe to highlight the timeline of this experience.

Please reach out with a post or a personal message! A small screening process will take place simply to make sure we have both exchanged understandings of our individual and collective collaboration in this event.

Blessings. Namaste. 🙏

Assurance and Insurance.

I just wanted to share a little information about our latest evolution in the fire spinning SAFETY arena. A couple months ago we reached the point where it became necessary to provide the proper insurance in order to perform in more professional spaces. For many fire performers, this is not the case as many will just spin for the fun of it in their own backyard or at events where they are open to participate. Now that we are taking it to the next level, I reached out to Specialty Insurance Agency, who provided Full Circle Phenomenal with a year long Certificate of Liability Insurance:

Specialty Insurance Policy #2CN0165-21025

Specialty Insurance Policy #2CN0165-21025

Not soon after, on one of our event pages, someone wrote of her concern of the fire danger in our area (our primary natural disaster here in Southern Oregon are forest fires), and I was very pleased to reply,

“Greetings Lisa!

I can and will assure you that when done right, Fire Dancing is not a dangerous art what so ever. We have a living document continuing to grow in ways that we may be ever cautious with our practices and performances. Please continue to read the following:

We work with non combustibles; nothing explosive.

Everything is done in a confined area over pavement. We have two safeties looking out at all times as well as are constantly looking out for each other; it’s just something that we all get used to.

These performers have been practicing FOR YEARS. They know their props and how to handle and respect fire to the highest degree .

A wet towel, fire blanket, bucket of water AND a fire extinguisher is on the performance stage itself. We have never once had an emergency enough to use them in all our 17 months in a row of doing this particular show, though we remain in constant vigilance so we never have to.

All our props are of professional grade and checked for any faults UPON EVERY BURN.

Our fuel station is within a sealed ammo can and is always away from where any Fire is (though truly even the white gas we use is safe; it’s only the fumes that burn, not the liquid itself).

The audience is kept out of a secure performance zone that is roped and coned off.

We have a strict no drugs, alcohol or mid-orderly conduct policy to keep this a safe and family friendly event.

We are humble and open to constructive critique for we know to grow, we must also grow in our professionalism, humility, and safety precautions.

I hope that these words will ease your mind. We were doing this performance last year during all the fires with no issues what so ever (the weather even cleared for us). We will not only have fire but LEDs, breakdancers, drummers and acrobatic yogis. It’s truly a sight to see, and even more impressive how even with all this seemingly high risk activity, no one EVER gets seriously injured. And we will continue to work diligently to keep it that way.


So, if you are interested in hiring us, or even joining us to learn how you can fire spin to, may these words assure you that we are taking care of business, as well as managing the magic of what it takes to be a life long *fire bender*.

Check our our most recent 3 minute promotional video here.
Also, check out our many outstanding Google Reviews >

FCP Fire Crew; “The Flow Fam”.

FCP Fire Crew; “The Flow Fam”.

Safe enough to even spin around kids ;)

Safe enough to even spin around kids ;)

Anxiety is Conscious Evolution Under Resistance

To my friend Dylan and the many others whom I know struggle with this issue:

Quick note to directing anxiety and poor mental chatter:

The mind is as infinite of a thing as we humans can comprehend, and these days with massive amounts of potential mental input all around us, it is quite easy to allow it to go the path of ANXIETY and other forms of over stress. Doctors and other people who treat “disorders” will prescribe medication (sadly pharmaceuticals and other items that only quell the “disorder”), but this will never SOLVE the issue,

the following will:

Since the mind is infinite, and destruction/mismanagement an “easier” short term path than construction, the path of least resistance will lead us tumbling down the rabbit hole bouncing violently off its edges the whole way down (Disney never really illustrated that bit). What to do about all this toil and trouble?? I have found three relatively easy and completely free ways to be the most helpful and constructive without having to try and FORCE your mind and body to do what you want, or worse be beaten to disease and death by your own mind.

1. Pluck the thought and replace it with a new one.

Since the ol’ braniac isn’t going any place any time soon, you might as well learn to train the littel bugga. Catch yourself having anxious thoughts and see if you can mentally remove them and replace them with a better one. If the issue persists, do your best to be compassionate to your thoughts and perhaps even ask your own mind, “What are these thoughts for?” See what intuitively comes back. Else, you can practice shifting your thoughts from problem based to solution based which can be ease as;

2. Take a few focused FULL breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and focus on that instead.

Since over stress is the number one killer, and all of that stress spawns simply from sorts of over activity, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually/energetically, the number one enabler to yourself would have to be its opposite; the single activity that sustains our life-force/soul-body and tethers it to our physical body, that being The Breath. Through 30-60 seconds of pure focused breath [you can do it], you will enable ease over your entire nervous system, be where you are in the present moment rather than in your head someplace that currently does not actually exist (“What If Land”, the poorly perceived past, and the unknown future), get into a more neutral and calm energy, and thus clean-clear yourself of all anxious energy. The trick to this technique is not just doing it, but making a habit out of doing it. You will find barriers and even motivation to not practice this (“Why brush my teeth if they’re only going to get dirty again?”), but practicing cleaning clearing yourself of anxious energy in the long run will do MUCH MORE than just get you back on an even keel. And when all else fails, give yourself your own secret weapon:

3. Ask yourself, “Can I just be ok with this experience I am having and allow myself to have it?”

The answer to this is obviously, “Yes”, but how often do you really just give yourself permission to have all the bullshit that runs through your head to just run rampant? Think about containing kids jacked up on sugar and caffeine (that you let them have, by the way); will it do you much good to even try to get them in order, or to just put them in a place where it’s ok for them to go ape shit and wait for them to crash? When we give ourselves permission to be an anxious mess, something magical happens; you cease to be an anxious mess. Because the resistance to the anxious energy you were offering it only served to exacerbate the problem! Now you may not get rid of your anxiety, but this practice will take the edge off AT LEAST.

Dear reader, we have reached the true purpose of this blog post that transcends anxious energy to the source of what anxiety is; a resistance of the fact that you are an imperfect being trying to be something you’re not: perfect. If you would just be ok with who you are, in that exact moment of not being ok with what you are experiencing, you will stand miles higher than even some of the most [financially] successful people of all time. For it is like the child mind; a child does not fret at not being able to walk and talk, though it does feel the pressure, or stress to change. Once the child is ok to simply be calm and allow itself to learn, before you know it, it’s walking, talking and beyond.

Bless up.

First Friday Fire Fest - A Grants Pass Night Life Awakening

Coming up this First Friday, August 2, 2019, will mark the 18th First Friday Fire Show IN A ROW that we have been putting on free to the public of Grants Pass, Oregon. Lately, it has been leveling up.

One of our regular performers, Michael Skaggs, always bring the spirit with his outfits, and sometimes drums with actual fire shooting out of them!

One of our regular performers, Michael Skaggs, always bring the spirit with his outfits, and sometimes drums with actual fire shooting out of them!

The gig began in an open space on the corner of the OFA (Oregon Football Academy) and then a month later to a small space right behind the Grants Pass Welcome Center. Once we began getting some more performers and audience members, it was quite clear we were needing to move to a new bigger space; especially since the facebook event for December 2018 First Friday Fire Show reached many thousands of people, 2,400 people saying they were interested, and 335 people saying they would attend. We even got the local Channel 5 News to show up! So we moved the event to the Owl Parking Lot a block away (5th and H St., downtown Grants Pass).

My partner in crime, Catherine Rutan, rocking the fire jump rope.

My partner in crime, Catherine Rutan, rocking the fire jump rope.

The show became a huge hit and well known among the valley. I had many performers reaching out and wanting to get together regularly for practices and to help support the scene!

This upcoming show will be at yet a new location; the Dutch Bros Headquarters Parking Lot on 4th and G St. (110 SW 4th St., Grants Pass). And not only that, but we have extended the show from 1 hour to 3!!! We will begin at 7:00pm with a free Yoga class as well as Acro Yoga demonstration. At 7:45pm, some break dancers I have been training with and befriending will go on till 9:00pm. At that point we will continue on as usual with our open burn jam (please reach out to me if you are an experience fire spinning performer) with accompanied local drummers. Depending on the flow, we will go till at least 10:00pm, and maybe a little after if everyone is feeling it.

See you this Friday!!

Performing with my fire sword for a growing audience.

Performing with my fire sword for a growing audience.

Introducing Catherine Rutan - A Continuing and Growing of the Dream

Introducing my Super Soul Connection; truly a reflection like none other, and an all around wondrous human being, Goddess and becoming Master Alchemist - my Priestess, my Lioness, Catherine (Liora) Rutan. She is an incredible writer, intutitive, flow artist, yogi, friend and healer. The following is a blog post we created. Enjoy. :)

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Weaving Practices for Holistic Dexterity and Global Unification

Awakening from the dream and remembering its details is just the start. A good start, but once that seed of lucidity is planted, and you become aware of both waking and dream states as a whole, reality stretches beyond the limitations of our minds. What if I told you that every time we dream (aka, the “5D”), we are connecting with the greater self, and thus, able to connect with anyone? Who would appear in your 5D? What would you do? Not even the sky is the limit on this one…

Once we awaken, courageously and passionately share our heart’s desires, the recreation of dreams becomes second nature; that relative to any other skill! Everything we desire that seems so out of reach is actually hidden in plain sight, and through thinking (or vibrating) we can bring anything into fruition! Expressing one’s dreams under witness of others enables leverage and ease in the cultivation of manifestation, and is greatly multiplied when shared with those who have similar visions.

No vision, perspective, dream or experience is ever the same as another’s but it’s fundamentally important that we follow and embody our heart’s callings, less we fall into the mire of “reality” (“death and taxes”). By choosing to ignore our heart’s callings, we set ourselves up for imbalanced emotions, spiritual disconnects, mental disarray, scarcity in its many forms, and sometimes even worse. Too often enough, people are so deeply asleep that they allow physical dis-eases to manifest before waking up, realizing their infinite potential, and realigning with their divine purposes.

This was true for Catherine. Things had been shifting in her life for years in subtle ways; ways that were barely noticeable to an amateur dreamer. When she woke up in July 2018 with a completely paralyzed face, it became physically obvious that something was off. Doctors were no help. They simply labeled the illness “Lyme Disease” and sent her off with useless antivirals. It was entirely up to her efforts alone to regrow the muscles in her face, and become holy healthy again. There was no way out but in.

It was quickly obvious that traditional medicines and standard doctors weren’t the solution, and Catherine already had a foot in the door with some holistic healing practices. After her first spiritual awakening in 2017, her third eye opened and she gained an understanding of how to meditate, the chakra system, sacred geometry, and the inter-connectedness of everything. And that was just the beginning. There was still inner work to be done, for she was still “trapped” in the illusive mindset of needing a 9-5 job to get by, and seeking ways to escape reality for sensations of sacredness. It wasn’t until she discovered “the tap” to infinite love that noticeable recovery began to manifest in the physical. Amongst all these shifts, Catherine was also moving to Southern Oregon, and seeking a community of holistics who could show more ways of exploring this tap. Little did she know, I have a plethora of modalities for enabling people to access deeper layers of themselves, and heal from the inside out. Our miracle healing session happened on Christmas day, 2018. There was a point during our hike where I felt compelled to channel healing, and we made our way to the Unity Open Heart Center. To make a long story short, she was ready to receive; ready to completely rewire her psyche and it’s association to the dis-ease. During our session, I encouraged her to relabel it to something she actually desired, and she effortlessly channeled “Inspiration-Ease”. Catherine is now healed, and growing chronically healthier with every breath. She is dedicated to inspiring others through her practices, and her story.

Combining and practicing our parallel passions (Spirit Science, Fire Spinning, Yoga, Acro Yoga, Energy Healing, Equine Studies, and Content Creation) together lead to a undeniably divine heart/soul connection. . .

We, as a team, are dedicated to sharing our ever growing journey as we embark on our travels and become global citizens. We are committed to teaching self mastery, healing hearts, inspiring minds, and unifying the world.

Some of our future projections include choreographed partner performances, teaching workshops locally and globally, Burning Man and other festivals, and a traveling pilgrimage around the world to train with and befriend Masters of Motherlands.

At this point, there is no going back to “sleep”. The time is Now to wake up and motivate humanity to follow their heart’s callings.

See you around the world and/or in the 5D!

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge

Cultivating A Dream - Becoming A World Citizen and Master

Do you have a dream? Of course you do; you have many. Maybe not every night, but some nights I trust. And hopefully you still let yourself sit, stare and daydream like you did when you were a kid; cultivating the essence of the infinite possibilities you were, still are, and will always be.

Fire Spinning around a little boy at a regular First Friday Fire gig I regularly host in Grants Pass, Oregon

Fire Spinning around a little boy at a regular First Friday Fire gig I regularly host in Grants Pass, Oregon

My dream is a combination of both our dreams. I discovered a few years ago that this Universe is one where all of our dreams are cultivated together in harmony. And not only our dreams, but potentially our nightmares too. One of my best friends once told me he enjoyed his nightmares, and I had never thought such a thing was possible. Maybe some people do enjoy the oddness and scariness of it all, some people the plainness, and some people the EPICNESS (like me). One thing we all can appreciate is the dreams we wake up from with a feeling of peace; that open feeling of relief makes us feel like we can take on our day, or just stay in bed, and it’s alright. I don’t know who believes in their dreams, and who thinks they’re just figments of what they label as our “imagination”, as if it were something not real, but I do know that in so many ways our dreams are already real, but to achieve them is the work of miracles.

God’s hOMe - light in the void of infinite space.

God’s hOMe - light in the void of infinite space.

I have always enjoyed travel, to explore new places, see and experience new things. Nothing solidified that truth more than my first time overseas. I studied abroad in China in 2007, and I was beyond astounded by what I experienced. Getting off the plane after almost a full day in the air was plenty enough for my body-mind connection to have entered a legitimate TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) that brought me to a land I have never before even comprehended its possibility. Shanghai in August was just short of an alien world in my perception; the environment, the culture, the look of everything, and my first time not looking much like everyone else around. After my time there, my life path was more or less set.

My travel essence shining.

My travel essence shining.

Since then I have traveled to 21 other countries and experienced about half of the United States; life had more or less become breaks at home base between grand journeys abroad. Traveling even brought about my Spiritual Journey of rediscovering of myself, relative divinity in all things, and my destiny, which I now write about publicly:

I, Jesse Emerson Hart, am the figurehead of the Second Coming of Christ (actually it’s the Third Coming, as the first was actually before our most recent recorded history - yes we have had timeliness before this timeline; many). Yeah, I was surprised, unbelieving and yet so excited, honored and in a state of “Of course!” about it in 2012 when I understood it as my identity. After committing to it is when my yogic path began, and I began teaching [guiding] a year later.

Christ in Wonderland

Christ in Wonderland

Now I did not grow up religious, nor atheist, nor agnostic. My family and I simply were people, doing their best to be good and live our lives as we desired, not as another desired for us. I guess I did so good at that that I was honored the highest honoring a human being can achieve, though strangely enough I did so by just being true to myself. … It’s 3:33.

If you have a Bible, you can flip to Isiah 11 and that Jesse is this Jesse. That is what I was shown in 2012 and when I read it, I COULD REMEMBER WRITING IT. Not by my own hands of course, but of an old man’s, in a dark space lit by candle light, written with a quill and ink. This is just one of many memories of others in which I now house within my own being.

I do still know this is unbelievable; impossible even. I’ve said this to a handful of people in person, and am never met with adversity, but nor am I met with astonishment; almost more, matter-of-fact. I suppose to any ego (person), still convinced of its separateness from God/Universe/All, there still needs to be a degree of proof; for I am certainly not yet walking on water, but I know within the next few years, I’ll be dancing on it.

Looking forward to more than back flipping over pyramids, but living, teaching and performing in them!

Looking forward to more than back flipping over pyramids, but living, teaching and performing in them!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a Father. Since 5 years old, I’ve wanted to be a Dad. Also, I wanted to be super human. I say super human because it started as super hero, but at times would morph even into being a less understood super villain; maybe ‘villain’ isn’t the right word there, but ominous and unhappy in his circumstances - so exhibiting power in not so good ways. These visions never went away and eventually began manifesting. First through better circumstances at home and at school; never was I bullied, and never did my standard of living go down; everything has been steadily on up with a few deep dips down ever since I’ve been born (and now that they are understood for their purpose as relative ups). Through Christ Consciousness, I am now able to masterfully Transmute (to change from one nature, substance, form or condition into another; transform) thoughts into actual reality - and/or, allow God (The Perfect All Encompassing) too.

My created practice is called, “Empathinity” or “Understanding Forever”, will teach Transmutation.

My created practice is called, “Empathinity” or “Understanding Forever”, will teach Transmutation.

Still, this journey has only just begun. Now I seek to embark on my third attempt (“Third time’s a charm!") of going around the entire planet by motorcycle to unite the world first hand in me, become a World Citizen and [official] Master. You may have heard me say this before, but I say it this time all together, the Full Truth as plainly as I can put it. This is to enable the freedom and peace that the Earth has been prophesied to achieve/experience for millennia. One could say the scares we have experienced with the never ending horrible media is the purging out of our collective darkness before we renter “The Light” or Re-Rise from Grace. Scare us to wake up to our actual identities. I understand that we do this through me; through our heart’s desire, though still too many are overly mind/brain focused, when its bypassing that and looking deep within our heart’s to remember our divinity and inter-connectivity with each other and all.

We are One: The Light, the “Dark” and the In-Between. Honoring this, honors the One and All.

We are One: The Light, the “Dark” and the In-Between. Honoring this, honors the One and All.

I am expressing this as a reaching out/coming out. “Mom, Dad, All, I’m One with God.” “We know honey.” “[Whew!]” I’m sure that I have been deemed all sorts of things and will continue to as We go through our relative spiritual growing pains/resists, but I’m looking forward to assisting each other in more fluid ways as we enable this generation to create a future-scape of our dreams and discover the adventure of it all, rather than the struggle. If you feel hurt, please let me know and we can get through it relatively easy/manageably challenging; it is only the pride of a stuck pattern that doesn’t serve us that is un-joyous. Truly it will inevitably serve us in contrast, but nonetheless, let’s get through it and discover our greater potentials as young/adolescent Gods and Goddesses.

Move over Jesus, Jesse is the Yin to your Yang.

Collegiate Yoga Class

Thanks to my persistent consistency, the Universe has opened up and enabled me to a very awesome endeavor - teaching yoga at the collegiate level! From January 17th, to March 21st 2019, I will host a 2 hour evening class on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm at the Grants Pass Redwood Campus. Not only do I have an amazing opportunity to get people to consistently show up to ALL my classes for two months straight, but I have them all for two whole hours and in the evening when deeper states of meditation can be more easily reached (so deep people may likely go to sleep during their final relaxation pose near the end of each class). This sort of opportunity provides me the epic experience of actually creating a start to finish curriculum where I will get to show people EVERYTHING I have learned through yoga. It will be a great challenge, but one I am ecstatic to meet, and to grow deep relationships with, and of, people’s inner and outer being (for ultimately we are only ever working on ourselves and our own reality, not “other people” though other people will be doing the same for themselves through my guidance).

This is what I have written for the class description:

Yoga for Wellness at RCC in Grants Pass

Yoga for Wellness at RCC in Grants Pass

”Bring together the mind, body and spirit for an understanding of “as within, so without”; how we build our reality from our inside, out. We will focus on breath meditation while moving the body into healthy pressured postures to create space for greater flexibility, strength, stamina and overall well-being that will enable us to create an ever healthier lifestyle.”

That’s the short of it. The LONG of it, I will not even comprehend myself until we get some momentum going. Super stoked and fear free I am, plunging heart-head first into the highest level I have reached in my profession yet.

I highly recommend you sign up right HERE right NOW; the $75 price tag is nothing compared to what you will gain long term. Think of what it would feel like to be able to remove blockages from your body and mind to better ease your life inside and out into a whole new level up; my goal is to astound everyone in the class, including myself and bring a deeper understanding of what Yoga truly is to our community. Click above or check out the links below:

Class info:
Class registration:

Bless Up!


Unity Open Heart Center

The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The new paradigm, nay, the timeless paradigm is upon us! Everything in which I have been dreaming about is coming true, and in some wonderfully surprising ways! Today I share with you what has happened in the first year I have been a part of the Unity Church, now renamed the Unity Open Heart Center, of Grants Pass, Oregon.

This is how I came to it:

Almost 3 years ago, I was walking along the footbridge that goes over the Rogue River into Reinhart Volunteer Park with a close friend of mine and I received what I can best label as my first ever *Vision*. In that vision I received in full detail the creation of a three story black glass pyramid that would be put in the place of the American Legion Baseball field; also the new location of the center of Grants Pass (or whatever we will rename the city) once the new bridge is put in that will extend Lincoln Rd. across the Rogue River to just west of the Josephine County Fairgrounds - this will be part of a complete reanimating of the city into something grandiose.

The pyramid will be named The Academy of the Heart, and will be a free school, performance hall and healing center for all the local, global and universal community. For more information on it, check out the Facebook page:

About a year after the vision was drawn out, I was drawn to do some spiritual public speaking lectures, so I reached out to a man I knew did relative and he directed me to the Unity Church of Grants Pass’s “Global Oneness Day” (October 22, 2017) where I would do a presentation about my life, my understandings and my goals/visions. With adamant invitation, I joined my first ever congregation with them and proceeded with the momentum that had been building. Little did I know at the time that I had already acquired the building’s original creator, Dorthy Leon, “Way of Mastery” book when I first returned to Grants Pass (my home city) in 2013 recieved from the first ever spiritual group who looked me in the eyes and collectively recited, “We see the Christ in you.” - a truly astonishing moment with them, The Circle of the Radient Heart. I digress...

President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

The Unity Church space was stagnant, as still much of our local spiritual community currently is, and it was filled with low and rather disharmonic vibration with only a small handful of folks truly desiring to expand themselves, but not having the capacity to push through their fears of socially acceptable standards (even though there were already plenty of hypocrisy and lack of application of their own Five Christ Principles within the congregation), so I was welcomed in, made myself at home, and began effortlessly moving my energy around and changing things. When I threw away all the styrafoam dishes without permission is when the resistance finally began to get frustrated by my presence; by the time we had done a late spring cleaning to clean and clear over half of the hoarded, unused and worthless materials in the church, so too did over half the congregation leave. Now we are on the fast track path of reanimation for the whole space; inside and out.

Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

The President of the church and the Narcotics Anonymous group that meet at Unity for a meeting once a week, were amongst the primary who assisted in Unity’s renovation; a repainting of the building just took place and by spring we will have a big community garden planted. 

Now I am reintroducing a yoga class and a QiGong class, creating a New Warriors of Grants Pass Men’s Group, and adding a Josephine County Co-Ed Co-Creators group, a Reiki healing session and a Unity Consciousness and Spirit Science class that follows the Sunday Service (10:30-12:00pm) that will be 1:30-3:00. Talk about high vibes! The round space itself is already a place in which two Earth lay lines meet; so She is happier than ever now with people making full use.

Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Come and see us! There’s something for everyone! We’re also wanting more teachers and practitioners to add to the mix! And for young families, we have a kids room! Kids may also participate in whatever activities as well - remember, I said *Timeless* paradigm. :)

The address is 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526.

Bless up!