Unity Open Heart Center

 The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The new paradigm, nay, the timeless paradigm is upon us! Everything in which I have been dreaming about is coming true, and in some wonderfully surprising ways! Today I share with you what has happened in the first year I have been a part of the Unity Church, now renamed the Unity Open Heart Center, of Grants Pass, Oregon.

This is how I came to it:

Almost 3 years ago, I was walking along the footbridge that goes over the Rogue River into Reinhart Volunteer Park with a close friend of mine and I received what I can best label as my first ever *Vision*. In that vision I received in full detail the creation of a three story black glass pyramid that would be put in the place of the American Legion Baseball field; also the new location of the center of Grants Pass (or whatever we will rename the city) once the new bridge is put in that will extend Lincoln Rd. across the Rogue River to just west of the Josephine County Fairgrounds - this will be part of a complete reanimating of the city into something grandiose.

The pyramid will be named The Academy of the Heart, and will be a free school, performance hall and healing center for all the local, global and universal community. For more information on it, check out the Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/academyoftheheart/

About a year after the vision was drawn out, I was drawn to do some spiritual public speaking lectures, so I reached out to a man I knew did relative and he directed me to the Unity Church of Grants Pass’s “Global Oneness Day” (October 22, 2017) where I would do a presentation about my life, my understandings and my goals/visions. With adamant invitation, I joined my first ever congregation with them and proceeded with the momentum that had been building. Little did I know at the time that I had already acquired the building’s original creator, Dorthy Leon, “Way of Mastery” book when I first returned to Grants Pass (my home city) in 2013 recieved from the first ever spiritual group who looked me in the eyes and collectively recited, “We see the Christ in you.” - a truly astonishing moment with them, The Circle of the Radient Heart. I digress...

 President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

The Unity Church space was stagnant, as still much of our local spiritual community currently is, and it was filled with low and rather disharmonic vibration with only a small handful of folks truly desiring to expand themselves, but not having the capacity to push through their fears of socially acceptable standards (even though there were already plenty of hypocrisy and lack of application of their own Five Christ Principles within the congregation), so I was welcomed in, made myself at home, and began effortlessly moving my energy around and changing things. When I threw away all the styrafoam dishes without permission is when the resistance finally began to get frustrated by my presence; by the time we had done a late spring cleaning to clean and clear over half of the hoarded, unused and worthless materials in the church, so too did over half the congregation leave. Now we are on the fast track path of reanimation for the whole space; inside and out.

 Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

The President of the church and the Narcotics Anonymous group that meet at Unity for a meeting once a week, were amongst the primary who assisted in Unity’s renovation; a repainting of the building just took place and by spring we will have a big community garden planted. 

Now I am reintroducing a yoga class and a QiGong class, creating a New Warriors of Grants Pass Men’s Group, and adding a Josephine County Co-Ed Co-Creators group, a Reiki healing session and a Unity Consciousness and Spirit Science class that follows the Sunday Service (10:30-12:00pm) that will be 1:30-3:00. Talk about high vibes! The round space itself is already a place in which two Earth lay lines meet; so She is happier than ever now with people making full use.

 Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Come and see us! There’s something for everyone! We’re also wanting more teachers and practitioners to add to the mix! And for young families, we have a kids room! Kids may also participate in whatever activities as well - remember, I said *Timeless* paradigm. :)

The address is 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526.

Bless up!

First Friday Fire Show

This coming Friday, August 3rd, 2018, with be the 5th consecutive First Friday Fire Performance in Downtown Grants Pass, Oregon (outside the Grants Pass Welcome Center on G and 6th Street). Free to the public, and encouraged to participate with a percussion instrument or maybe even have fire spun around you!

I have done a number of things with Full Circle Phenomenal that I am proud of, but I cannot remember a more prouder moment then last First Friday Fire on July 6th when I was able to bring together 5 professional fire performers (well, technically speaking 4, and one novice, but he did good), around 20 drummers and maybe 50-60 bystanders. It was PACKED! And so much fun for all. I was reported to after the show that a man was there who just returned to town after being away for 15 years, and he said, "I cannot believe something so cool is happening in Grants Pass." and I could not agree more with him. WE ARE MAKING THIS INTO A TOWN WHERE PEOPLE LIVE, not die, as it has been in the past.

Here is a recap video I did of the show:

4th First Friday Fire by Full Circle Phenomenal and Friends. Performances every First Friday, downtown Grants Pass, Oregon.

Being a professional fire performer is certainly not easy. From the training, to the trust, to the networking, to the herding of cats (other fire performers); people are simply not familiar enough with the concept of it being a popular means of party entertainment, and that its actually very safe. People who aren't safe in the business obviously don't last long; if you find someone who has been doing it awhile and even has videos and a website, you can probably consider it a done deal. Fire Spinners have zero room for mistakes as we know what we risk. Fortunately the only things to have ever happened in my 4 years experience was minor injuries to myself. Otherwise, it's been a blast, for one and all. Never a complaint.

There's obviously something magical about fire; and to tame it brings that magic under control and into a level of comfort, like a campfire. When we flow artists spin fire, I see it relative to emulating what is happening in the micro and the macro cosm; balls of fire spinning around black holes, and electrons orbiting around atomic nuclei - are we really so different? Not at all. We are the same stuff, still just having fun dancing about like we're on fire; cause we are.

With my practices of yoga and qigong, I combine with my fire performance to keep things focused and on an even keel, inside and outside of myself to ensure everyone has the best time possible, without things getting out of hand. I have been checked out by the cops every First Friday and on numerous other occasions, and EVERY TIME, still to my amazement and great appreciation, they're cool with it. These types of interactions is what gives me hope, and beyond hope, certainty, that we can be still be wholly creative beings showcasing our great talents, even if they appear to be dangerous, and still all prosper from the experience.

Come on out this Friday at Sundown (9:00pm-ish). The address is 198 SW 6th St., Grants Pass, OR, 97526.

 First Friday Fire Spinning Show in Downtown Grants Pass, Oregon (6th and G) at Last Light.

First Friday Fire Spinning Show in Downtown Grants Pass, Oregon (6th and G) at Last Light.

My Dream

My Dream

If you knew your wildest dreams WERE coming true, what would you WANT to dream? What would you dedicate your focus to if you knew you were destined for success?

For me, it’s a wildly expansive, yet collective view of the world we live in. I dream of a world, and a community of mankind, United. To see all living the lives of their dreams and being able to freely experience the world without the obligation to limitation of fears, or merely where, or what situation you were born into.

The only way I know how to make this dream come true is to BE IT.
So I am…

I have attempted twice now, and the third time will be a charm; I will be heading around the world via motorcycle to adapt to all world cultures, languages and practices, sharing of myself and receiving of others to make partnerships in between borders and connect an around the world circuit, personally. My blueprint rout is south through Central America, a loop around South America, from Brazil to South Africa, north through Africa into Egypt and Israel, loop around Europe counter clockwise, come south through Russia/Ukraine into the Middle East, into India, China, Southeast Asia and Pacific Island hop home, manifesting the means to keep healthy my body and my motorcycle through countless services.

Upon my return to Oregon, where I was born and raised and in time will raise my own children, I will erect a three story black glass pyramid that I received in a vision just a couple years ago (“The Academy of the Heart” - https://www.facebook.com/academyoftheheart/), which is a free school that will teach and philosophize everything under the sun, and beyond.

 Academy of the Heart pyramid - drawing 1

Academy of the Heart pyramid - drawing 1

 Academy of the Heart pyramid -drawing 2

Academy of the Heart pyramid -drawing 2

There have already been a number of synchronicities to move my journey towards this outcome along its grand and daunting path, including coaching the great granddaughter of the man whom the land the pyramid will be on, was named after, and even more recently becoming a member of my first church, The Unity Church of Grants Pass (renamed the Open Heart Unity Center of Grants Pass - ) where I now teach and lecture, just as I will in the pyramid.

 Outside the Unity Church of Grants Pass

Outside the Unity Church of Grants Pass

First thing’s first, I need to grow my numbers and create have a sizable nest egg to embark with (I’ve already taken two leaps of faith with next to nothing, and though it all worked out, I’d like a bit more ease to making this grand journey as comfortable as possible). I’m looking for people willing to donate to my cause, and in turn will provide you with one or multiple things in return (yoga/meditation lessons, Reiki healing, fire spinning lesson/performance, wellness consulting and coaching, and even a dance lesson if you prefer). All of the proceeds will go into feeding and sheltering myself and my Kawasaki KLR “Dark Horse”, and contributing to my worldly education.

Would you please help me into creating the character I dream to be, and the world I sense we’d all like to create?

I will not let you down, even if you cannot help me with finances, just please keep me in your prayers, and visuals and see us both as plentiful; our thoughts are things and we do consciously create on a moment to moment basis, believe it or not (an important part of our day to day meditation and yoga journey, whether we commit to it or not).

I am thankful for the challenges I will and do face, thank God/Source/Spirit for enabling me and blessing me with this incredible life, and thank you for giving me your attention and an opportunity to give and to receive.

Blessings abound to us both.

Jesse Emerson Hart

 Cheers, to light, to love, and to life!

Cheers, to light, to love, and to life!

The Pressures and Pleasures of Yoga

I'm often surprised to discover how few people in my local culture know what Yoga is, or even what the word itself means. The most common responses I get when I ask is that it is, "Stretching", "Relaxing", "Posing", and the closest guess, "Meditating". Even when I test the local yoga teachers, I get mostly a dodgy response, exposure of insecurities, victim based perspective, or false pride/righteousness, and all together exemplifying superficial levels of what true yoga is. Overall, I'm not particularly worried about the culture, for within my discoveries I know, feel, and trust that Nature and the patterning ways of the universe, will always have It's way and balance out the collective by whatever means necessary. Besides, "Energy flows where attention goes", being concerned and projecting problems isn't really going to help anyone out; at least not directly. I work/play towards a big "level up" of our species and discover how to integrate our internal and external selves into a solution based reality through what Yoga truly is.

Yoga, in it's wholeness, is an ancient study of Self, that being, the mind, the body and the breath/life force and the infinite discovery of how what we discover outside of the body, is due to what is happening inside the body, and vice-versa. What we do is find positions to put our body in and then breathe and be calm in the pressures we experience allowing for release; this helps to open and heal areas that are hard to get into, and to release stored up emotional baggage held in the muscles/connective tissue. To most this seems to be a terrifying notion, as we have become much of a culture of "wrongdoers" who consume and pollute the planet and inspire other cultures to follow suit for the sake of the ownership of stuff. So yeah, I can understand why a lot of people are over intimidated by the practice, but let me in to show you why you should embrace this fear rather than make excuses and fall short of your true potential.

Through Ecstatic Dance, a practice of free-form dancing to music, I discovered after the release of my unserving self consciousness a very real and important truth of the human condition: Be humbled for having tried. OR Be humbled for having never tried. Folks, those are your two and only two choices in life; discover humility through a practice or discover humility without one (usually towards the end of your life when it's too late). Yoga is for getting into your physical, mental, and emotional bodies and discover the depths of how you have been treating yourself and thus allowed yourself into the state you are currently in (don't worry though; it's still ever changing). Some is excusable, most is not. Through a vicious cycle and patterning of escapism and neglect of our true potential, most cannot truly look within and face their inner demons; it's too scary, it's too painful.

But is it really all that scary and painful?

At first, YES. The hardest part of yoga is beginning your practice, getting some momentum behind it and recognizing that Yoga is the practice of being a human being and a moderator of the universe around said human being. If you can get up the mountain, the view is spectacular, magical and truly rewarding; as is the next mountain, and the next and onward to the recognition that life itself is a practice in the balance between pressures (feelings and experiences that don't feel so good, but in one way or another are constructive) and pleasures (feelings and experiences that do feel good, and are not necessarily constructive).

When we recognize that whether we are in the classroom (safe zone/comfort zone) or outside the classroom (danger zone/outside our comfort zone), our yoga practice is always on. You're doing it already; you're already a yogi, just maybe have not discovered the importance of a regular internal observation practice.

How we will "save the world" is not through typical means; how we will save the world is by each of us, individually, discovering our ability to influence our entire universe at large by choosing to practice Perspective Change. There will be ups and there will be downs, but change your perspective 180 degrees and find that there are downs about your ups and ups about your downs; this is the key to a consistent state of "Nirvana" - life is a process of going with the flow and seeing the best in all things. It's a, "Whew! What a relief!" in discovering that we are all relative, all connected and all in love; be it platonic, romantic or some other form, yoga and other internal observing arts are a way to get in closer touch with who you truly are at the deepest level: A Conscious Creator amongst many other Conscious Creators.

Fire Season is over, Burning Season has begun..

There are few things that capture our spirit with the ease that fire does. All throughout human history, every chapter seems to begin and/or end in fire; from the dawn of man learning how to first harness it for purposes of warmth, a means to cook with, and to bring light into the darkness, to the day when the fire of the sun will go out and Earth will be no more.

But that is not today...

 One of our favorite props: Fire Swords

One of our favorite props: Fire Swords

Today we dance in it!

Though it is still rare, fire spinning (more simply known as "flow art") is growing in its popularity, for obvious reasons. The thrill to the audience is matched by the thrill to the performer as we apply this chaotic and rather dangerous brand of the elements into a celebratory environment.

Did I say dangerous? I rather kid at that, as fire is only dangerous in the hands of those who are careless and disrespect it; when love, care, and practice are put into the art, there is only a trace - just enough to keep our attention.

 Shiloh and I have been dancing with fire for over 3 years now and have suffered ZERO serious injuries.

Shiloh and I have been dancing with fire for over 3 years now and have suffered ZERO serious injuries.

Through a means of practicing with day props and LED glow props, amidst our usual practices of yoga, QiGong, and dancing, Shiloh and I have reduced the level of risk to near Zero. We do so not only through our own practice, but also through a means of all the necessary safety precautions:

  • Zoning off our performance space with cones and caution tape
  • Bringing a ready to use fire extinguisher
  • Always having a wet towel on hand (and a Safety Person ready to spring into action)
  • Frequent prop checks
  • An organized and calm state of mind

As this is a new industry, we know we have no room for any mistakes - so we've never made one. It is a primary lesson in flow art that when a "mistake" is made, we do not focus on it as a mistake but rather a lesson to learn from and to adapt to so quickly that the audience doesn't ever realize a blunder was ever made. Life is much the same; don't focus on where you lack, else that lack will grow in your reality ( there's your yoga lesson for the day ;) ).

We would very much like to perform at your next event! Check out our Promotional Video by clicking here!

Please contact Shiloh at (903)517-9381 and book a fire spinning performance at your next party! Else message us on our Contact Page and let us make your full circle phenomenal!!


Where Am I?! {Sedona, Arizona}


So.  ....

I don't know where to begin so I'll start at the beginning which is somehow in the middle yet at the end of the last post - 2 months and 2 weeks ago - it somehow feels longer then that, while at the same time the day before yesterday. Time and space are not what they used to be, but I'm staying well grounded considering all that has past. So...

As I was nearing Santa Barbara I get the sense ("thought-feeling") that something is about to happen to my motorcycle; something that will inhibit it's ability to drive. Sure enough, just as the sun is beginning to set, I lose all power to my Dark Horse and coast for about a hundred yards as I allow the most comfortable space with the most space cushion; I hardly question or even get upset as I look down at the tachometer that reads "111" - this affirms to me that I am still at the perfect place at the perfect time (as always); another story entirely of my experience with 1's in sequence. I get off the bike to find that just the chain has come off; I try to put it back on like a bicycle but it becomes quickly obvious I need a couple bigger tools (and the know how). I wave at oncoming traffic and not 30 seconds later a man pulls over who's a motorcycle hobbyist and had exactly the tools we need. Amazing. We get the chain back on but then the motorcycle won't start. Can't figure it out. Eventually it decides to live again. The incredibly helpful and supportive man decides he'll drive behind me until I make it to Santa Barbara about 13 miles down the road. As I begin riding, a regular clicking of the chain tells me that something is still not right. I pull over. We adjust. Begin riding again; still clicking. Pull over, adjust, ride, more clicking. Now the sun has set and the last light is here. The man encourages me just to ride and see if I can make it to a shop; since we have done everything two inexperienced motorcycle mechanics can do. So I ride and get to a fast enough pace that the clicking feels like it is the softest click possible; and onward comes the second longest 13 miles I've ever ridden. As I begin to come into Santa Barbara I realize that I have lost sight of my only friend in the world and then suddenly the chain clicking becomes quickly louder and then SNAP!! I barely see it fall off of my bike in my rear view mirror and am again coasting to the best possible place I can see; fortunately an off ramp with a nice big shoulder. I, like the chain, am now at my breaking point as well. I park, get off the bike, look down to affirm what I already know, chain's gone, it's dark, I don't know where I am; somewhere in or around Santa Barbara. My friend finds me. I decide I need a place to stay or at least some wireless internet (I have not cell phone service); my friend will not host me, but he will take me and all my stuff to a Star Bucks just about a mile away. I take everything I own and put it in the back of his car, walk my bike to a street lamp post, chain it up and pray it's still there when I return. My friend affirms my hopes and graciously takes me to where I need to go. We get to the Star Bucks, unload all my stuff, put the stuff in the back patio, and I am on the internet calling for assistance without missing a beat. Funny how the times we'd like to worry most, we simply have no time to.

So I send out a facebook distress signal and get on couch surfing and begin sending out requests for help. Not 20 minutes later I have someone accepting my couch request AND THEN a flow artist friend of mine offering to drive two hours to my location to pick up me and the motorcycle AND her boyfriend is a motorcycle mechanic. The blessing, it seems, can only be found beside its equal curse. Still I am stunned, amazing, grateful, relieved and PISSED. God knows what I spoke of on facebook that night but it felt good to write with fury and relief all rolled up into a pointless and maniacal post (which I believe was it's overal theme actually). I also contact all people I had sent out requests to affirm that I no longer needed assistance; I even had one other person offer me his space. Three people came to help in no time; I am ASTOUNDINGLY GRATEFUL FOR TECHNOLOGY.

Beth and her boyfriend Kyle arrive as stated, 2 hours later - I am amazed; this is a flow artist friend that I had met twice while I had persisted in creating a "spin jam" at Middle Rogue Farm in Grants Pass two years prior. We collect everything and drive to her place; in the middle of feeling and speaking all my gratitude, I fall asleep sitting up.

I don't recall the exact order of events, but I reside in Lancaster, California for the next 7 Days while I await the parts I need and decide to get two new tires that are also needed. My funds are almost depleted and I must sell the very last of the inheritance I received from my Grandmother passing (and my Mother passing, leaving the funds to be split between my brother and I back in 2004). I now have just around $130 left and two choices, take the leap of faith and continue to Sedona, Arizona or play it safe and return to Oregon to save and try try again... again. During my final days in Lancaster, I discover that there is a Yoga Festival happening in Sedona; though I have not the money to attend something tells me I will attend if I go. All but two people who actually give me any sort of affirmation tell me to go, and the two that say don't I plainly wouldn't listen to under any other circumstance anyway; so I take the leap of faith with practically 100% assurance that I will be more than alright. I hit the road for Sedona and am feeling freer every mile I ride.

The all day ride of 475 miles was very smooth and affirming; new tires, new chain, open skies and open desert. I make it to Williams, Arizona and am surprised to find snow; and quite a bit of it. In case you don't know as I didn't, Northern Arizona is a high desert with elevations as low as 4,000 feet to as high as 7,000 feet WHERE THE CITIES ARE. So I bundle up, get a baring on the only place in Sedona I know to go, the Aumbase, where a potential couch surfing host says to meet me at.

It gets dark before I begin heading down into the canyon; I had seen a few pictures of Sedona and knew I was in for a visual treat, but for now all I could see were the unique skylines and stars above them. As I began down the extremely winded highway that plummeted thousands of feet in elevation in a matter of miles I get some very strange and all together unique sensations that I had never had before. It was as if thoughts themselves were being moved around inside my head; even out of my head perhaps. I discovered later that this was the beginning of the well renowned multi-vortex energy Sedona is simultaneous famous and infamous for. Much Magic is here; I am not frightened, though I am far from at ease. I'm tired and it seems this may be my first night I will be sleeping outside.

I arrive at Aumbase, with little trouble yet I am rapidly aware that my acute sense of direction is really being thrown for a loop; like this would be a place birds wouldn't know which way to go for the winter. I enter and explain a little of myself to the girl behind the counter; and as I mention the Yoga festival, she gets very excited and asks if I'd like to become an "Angel Ambassador" - I am pleased to agree and to discover that the primary people who are putting it on are the very first people I am meeting in Sedona; one of the head guys Mark even has his own long distance KLR riding experiences to share (perhaps at some point in the future still). So I'm in and welcomed with open and grateful arms.

I soon discover that my potential couch surfing host will be my couch surfing host and he asks me to meet him at his place; thankfully I accept and move just a few blocks away to his house. I am greeted with zeal by Tim and another friend Shelly who are in an excited uproar about putting on the biggest festival ever to be hosted in Sedona. Its an high yet intimidating vibe as it seems a bit out of control; not completely uncommon as couch surfing goes and I am all around just stoked to be in such a positive place with people who are smiling at me, hugging me, and inviting me to partake in all and everything that's going on in their lives. Tim shows me his Sound Lounge (which reminds me of a very special place back in Grants Pass), which essentially is a long lounge chair that you go into sensory deprivation in while listening to some epic beats that move not just into your eardrums, but throughout the entire chair and thus your whole body. The latest product that EVERYONE NEEDS; and I can attest to it. Definitely one of the very best musical experiences I have had.

That was just Day 1 in Sedona; of now 2 months I have been here, gone through 3 different jobs, half a dozen living situations and still not enough money to leave this place or do much of anything but commit. I have run out of time to write for today; this place has a way of making you do what it wants, so I must commit and share more of this experience if/when I can.

Think positive and/or constructive thoughts for me; we've been doing great so far and I'm grateful for all that I know and do not know to have transpired. All the Love