Ecstatic Dance - Free Form Movement

I understand how hard it may be to get yourself onto the dance floor, let alone dance once you've gotten there. We may think to prepare by going to classes and "learning the steps", but without consistency, we lose our muscle memory and come back to square one. But what if there was a way to learn a dance style which would liberate you to dance to ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME? There is! And it is for this reason that I teach/guide primarily this one style of dance that liberates the potential of all dances; that dance style is Ecstatic!

Also known as 'Sacred Dance', Ecstatic is a simple, free-form style that encompasses all movement. That movement expresses and enhances physical, mental, emotional and energetic/spiritual experiences. Though the dance, we learn to liberate creative moment by letting go of the structure of traditional style dances and expand inventiveness into our dance flow! It is actually quite phenomenal in it's qualities - even if you are new to the practice.

Dance to express, not to impress.

Shiloh and I have been hosting Ecstatic Dance at Candela Dance Studio (122 NE F St., Grants Pass, OR) for years! Come join us Thursday nights at 7:30pm!

Shiloh and I have been hosting Ecstatic Dance at Candela Dance Studio (122 NE F St., Grants Pass, OR) for years! Come join us Thursday nights at 7:30pm!

I experienced my first Ecstatic dance a few years ago, and admittedly, it was one of the hardest and humbling things I've ever done. I didn't know how to hold myself and I knew I must stand out like a soar thumb. Most people on the dance floor were not even dancing in a way in which inspired me; just a bunch of hippies moving sporadically - I was not only annoyed with myself, but others as well. Though I kept doing my best and for a couple moments throughout, I forgot about all the self consciousness I was experiencing, and magically my legs and hips began to move with the music effortlessly; then I noticed the fact and stopped my own flow. It took me three classes to actually begin to *feel* the music rather than *think* about what I was doing in it. As I got used to the awkwardness, I gradually cared less and less till the point I even began to smile and laugh at my own strange movement, as well as others. Eventually, it became a time-space where I felt free to be; without words, without being right or wrong, without being a pro or a newbie, I just was, and was moving, flowing, dancing!

Today I know and feel the magic of Ecstatic Dance. I find myself in situations locally and around the world where there is music that I am unfamiliar with; but with my practice, my deeper senses pick up on the rhythm and before you know it, you might think I had choreographed the dance beforehand! Even new style of dances I am able to observe and learn that much more quickly because of my lack of over analyzing and judgement of myself and/or others.

There's little I can say to get you to go. It might be everything you fear; you are likely going to look ridiculous and people are going to not know what to make of you. But so what? How is that any different than any new situation in life? I say commit to it and see what grows from it. Ecstatic Dance is truly liberating, but you must get through the stage fright stage; all you have to do, truly, is show up. Before you know it, you'll be starting miniature dance parties to catchy elevator tunes, picking up new dance styles in a flash, and making creative and innovative changes in many aspects of your daily life.