Collegiate Yoga Class

Thanks to my persistent consistency, the Universe has opened up and enabled me to a very awesome endeavor - teaching yoga at the collegiate level! From January 17th, to March 21st 2019, I will host a 2 hour evening class on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm at the Grants Pass Redwood Campus. Not only do I have an amazing opportunity to get people to consistently show up to ALL my classes for two months straight, but I have them all for two whole hours and in the evening when deeper states of meditation can be more easily reached (so deep people may likely go to sleep during their final relaxation pose near the end of each class). This sort of opportunity provides me the epic experience of actually creating a start to finish curriculum where I will get to show people EVERYTHING I have learned through yoga. It will be a great challenge, but one I am ecstatic to meet, and to grow deep relationships with, and of, people’s inner and outer being (for ultimately we are only ever working on ourselves and our own reality, not “other people” though other people will be doing the same for themselves through my guidance).

This is what I have written for the class description:

Yoga for Wellness at RCC in Grants Pass

Yoga for Wellness at RCC in Grants Pass

”Bring together the mind, body and spirit for an understanding of “as within, so without”; how we build our reality from our inside, out. We will focus on breath meditation while moving the body into healthy pressured postures to create space for greater flexibility, strength, stamina and overall well-being that will enable us to create an ever healthier lifestyle.”

That’s the short of it. The LONG of it, I will not even comprehend myself until we get some momentum going. Super stoked and fear free I am, plunging heart-head first into the highest level I have reached in my profession yet.

I highly recommend you sign up right HERE right NOW; the $75 price tag is nothing compared to what you will gain long term. Think of what it would feel like to be able to remove blockages from your body and mind to better ease your life inside and out into a whole new level up; my goal is to astound everyone in the class, including myself and bring a deeper understanding of what Yoga truly is to our community. Click above or check out the links below:

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Bless Up!