The Applegate River Flow Fam Jam Free Festival!

Our wonderful riverfront space that the Flow Fam Jam is currently hosted upon.

Our wonderful riverfront space that the Flow Fam Jam is currently hosted upon.

This may be a little last minute, but I wanted to notify others that we are about to embark on a second take of the Applegate River Flow Fam Jam free festival this weekend, October 12-13, 2019. Read the following event descriptions and please reach out if you’d like to collaborate with us (schedule currently in construction; it’s a big potluck / mini-festival event put on for its attendees, by its attendees).

1st Flow Fam Jam (9/13/19): Applegate River Flow Fam Jam - An Ever Free & Freeing Event -
Finding myself tired of the paperwork, money, wristbands, drug abuse, and overall limitations, I decided it was time to create something that I, and others, did not need to jump through hoops in order to experience and keep experiencing:

This is a festival that is not about us vs them, or numbers, or names, this is a festival that sets an example of what we as human beings are simply and plainly capable of; a world of constructive fun, profound insight and growth, as well as the ease to retain a natural high without the use of anything but what is already inherit within ourselves. Imagine a society support system; enabling you to find security and belief in yourself and all selves.

One day of high sobriety.

There will be classes, music, trade, workshops, fire spinning, dancing, swimming, food, yoga, healing, story telling and certainly more! What would you like to bring to grow in your own and other lives? This is an event put on by the people who attend it!

At 5:55pm, Friday September 13th, into a full moon night, we will begin a 24 hour long mini-festival/big-potluck that will be the first event in a series of events that will work towards enabling a permanent free and creative society for all Earthly kind. The event will be happening in between 7997 and 8075 N Applegate Rd., Grants Pass. Check the event feed for pictures of the location.

Schedule, subject to flexibility and change:

Friday, September 13, 2019

5:55pm Gate Opens
6:30pm Potluck meal
7:00pm Opening Circle and Altar Setting
8:00pm Essential Oils over Pain Killers
8:45pm Fire Spinning, Belly Dancing and Drumming
10:30pm Evening Yoga and Full Moon Meditation

12:33am Full Moon Peak - self prayer, intention/goal setting, gratitude.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

8:00-9:00am-ish Gentle Morning Yoga and QiGong
10:00am Tea Time and Tantra Talk
11:00am Art Rendering
12:00pm Potluck Lunch
12:00-3:00pm Free Time
3:00pm Crafting Your Life Story
4:00pm Raks Matana Tribal Dance Class
4:00pm Poi Flow Art Class
5:00pm Cool down Yoga, Meditation and Closing Circle.
5:55pm End of Festivities

Produced by The Academy of the Heart and Infinite Comings, we open up the doors of our home to host this event. Though this is a public event, there will be a light screening process to make sure the attendees understand that their own custom contribution to the event and commitment to no drug/alcohol use is necessary and agreed upon. Please list yourself as “Attending” or “Interested” and we will be in touch!

Picture of the night of our first flow fam jam, fire spinning under the full moon!

Picture of the night of our first flow fam jam, fire spinning under the full moon!

2nd Flow Fam Jam (10/12/19): Applegate River Flow Fam Jam - An Ever Free & Freeing Event -
What does it really take to be part of the bigger picture? How might we actually DO something for the conscious evolution of humanity on a global scale? You might think, getting involved with a “conscious community” is the way to go! It sure seems as though contributing to festivals and their communities are one of the best ways to take action . . . but at what cost? Even if they are promising reimbursement for your entry fees and necessities, ask yourself “Is my time, energy, and efforts actually being appreciated for what it’s worth?” We have found, time after time of trying to get involved, that the events representing “conscious living” are actually COSTING people to contribute, and essentially taking from what could be much greater!
We are here to shift that pattern . . .

The Academy Of The Heart presents “The Applegate River Flow Fam Jam” in dedication to providing education on conscious living, holistic health, and epic entertainment, FOR FREE!!

We are a globally growing community of teachers, healers, and entertainers. Our mission is to spark a movement; A chain reaction of self sustaining, conscious living, perma-fest communities across the globe.

To us, conscious living means healthy consumption, holistic education, eco-friendly sustainability, and a drive to thrive!! Together we hold sacred space for those ready to evolve and break free from patterns of dependency. Together we enable each other to cultivate the highest states of sobriety imaginable. Please leave behind all “substances” you find yourself dependent on. We are a community that reaches highs by living through our heart’s callings, encouraging each other’s passions, and embodying our fullest potentials.

Note: This is a GIVE FREELY RECEIVE FREELY / FREE event. There is no entry fee, or required duties. Our only request is this: If you plan on being present, contribute in a way that feels right! Plan on sharing something that resonates with your heart and your divine purpose on this planet:

Welcoming Teachers!!!
Here we open the door for anyone and everyone willing to share their gifts. Are you an artist? Perhaps you’d like to lead a crafty workshop! For dancers, yogis, and other movement artists, come and teach an active class! For ANYONE with a zesty and constructive passion, we invite you to share your insights in a presentation!

Welcoming Healers!!!
Your hands, gazes, food creations and liquid alchemies, are wonderfully gifted with healing energies. We are honored to invite you to share your practice in our sacred space of healthy transformation. Whether it be massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy, or whatever your own blend of magic, it’s all welcome.

Welcoming Entertainers!!!
Calling all fire spinners, flow artists, aerialists, dancers and Acro yogis! Calling all musicians, DJ’s, drummers, and vocalists! Calling all poets, live painters, and artists of every kind; we welcome you to make yourself at home. Bring your best acts of awe to highlight the timeline of this experience.

Please reach out with a post or a personal message! A small screening process will take place simply to make sure we have both exchanged understandings of our individual and collective collaboration in this event.

Blessings. Namaste. 🙏