Assurance and Insurance.

I just wanted to share a little information about our latest evolution in the fire spinning SAFETY arena. A couple months ago we reached the point where it became necessary to provide the proper insurance in order to perform in more professional spaces. For many fire performers, this is not the case as many will just spin for the fun of it in their own backyard or at events where they are open to participate. Now that we are taking it to the next level, I reached out to Specialty Insurance Agency, who provided Full Circle Phenomenal with a year long Certificate of Liability Insurance:

Specialty Insurance Policy #2CN0165-21025

Specialty Insurance Policy #2CN0165-21025

Not soon after, on one of our event pages, someone wrote of her concern of the fire danger in our area (our primary natural disaster here in Southern Oregon are forest fires), and I was very pleased to reply,

“Greetings Lisa!

I can and will assure you that when done right, Fire Dancing is not a dangerous art what so ever. We have a living document continuing to grow in ways that we may be ever cautious with our practices and performances. Please continue to read the following:

We work with non combustibles; nothing explosive.

Everything is done in a confined area over pavement. We have two safeties looking out at all times as well as are constantly looking out for each other; it’s just something that we all get used to.

These performers have been practicing FOR YEARS. They know their props and how to handle and respect fire to the highest degree .

A wet towel, fire blanket, bucket of water AND a fire extinguisher is on the performance stage itself. We have never once had an emergency enough to use them in all our 17 months in a row of doing this particular show, though we remain in constant vigilance so we never have to.

All our props are of professional grade and checked for any faults UPON EVERY BURN.

Our fuel station is within a sealed ammo can and is always away from where any Fire is (though truly even the white gas we use is safe; it’s only the fumes that burn, not the liquid itself).

The audience is kept out of a secure performance zone that is roped and coned off.

We have a strict no drugs, alcohol or mid-orderly conduct policy to keep this a safe and family friendly event.

We are humble and open to constructive critique for we know to grow, we must also grow in our professionalism, humility, and safety precautions.

I hope that these words will ease your mind. We were doing this performance last year during all the fires with no issues what so ever (the weather even cleared for us). We will not only have fire but LEDs, breakdancers, drummers and acrobatic yogis. It’s truly a sight to see, and even more impressive how even with all this seemingly high risk activity, no one EVER gets seriously injured. And we will continue to work diligently to keep it that way.


So, if you are interested in hiring us, or even joining us to learn how you can fire spin to, may these words assure you that we are taking care of business, as well as managing the magic of what it takes to be a life long *fire bender*.

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FCP Fire Crew; “The Flow Fam”.

FCP Fire Crew; “The Flow Fam”.

Safe enough to even spin around kids ;)

Safe enough to even spin around kids ;)