Introducing Catherine Rutan - A Continuing and Growing of the Dream

Introducing my Super Soul Connection; truly a reflection like none other, and an all around wondrous human being, Goddess and becoming Master Alchemist - my Priestess, my Lioness, Catherine (Liora) Rutan. She is an incredible writer, intutitive, flow artist, yogi, friend and healer. The following is a blog post we created. Enjoy. :)

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Weaving Practices for Holistic Dexterity and Global Unification

Awakening from the dream and remembering its details is just the start. A good start, but once that seed of lucidity is planted, and you become aware of both waking and dream states as a whole, reality stretches beyond the limitations of our minds. What if I told you that every time we dream (aka, the “5D”), we are connecting with the greater self, and thus, able to connect with anyone? Who would appear in your 5D? What would you do? Not even the sky is the limit on this one…

Once we awaken, courageously and passionately share our heart’s desires, the recreation of dreams becomes second nature; that relative to any other skill! Everything we desire that seems so out of reach is actually hidden in plain sight, and through thinking (or vibrating) we can bring anything into fruition! Expressing one’s dreams under witness of others enables leverage and ease in the cultivation of manifestation, and is greatly multiplied when shared with those who have similar visions.

No vision, perspective, dream or experience is ever the same as another’s but it’s fundamentally important that we follow and embody our heart’s callings, less we fall into the mire of “reality” (“death and taxes”). By choosing to ignore our heart’s callings, we set ourselves up for imbalanced emotions, spiritual disconnects, mental disarray, scarcity in its many forms, and sometimes even worse. Too often enough, people are so deeply asleep that they allow physical dis-eases to manifest before waking up, realizing their infinite potential, and realigning with their divine purposes.

This was true for Catherine. Things had been shifting in her life for years in subtle ways; ways that were barely noticeable to an amateur dreamer. When she woke up in July 2018 with a completely paralyzed face, it became physically obvious that something was off. Doctors were no help. They simply labeled the illness “Lyme Disease” and sent her off with useless antivirals. It was entirely up to her efforts alone to regrow the muscles in her face, and become holy healthy again. There was no way out but in.

It was quickly obvious that traditional medicines and standard doctors weren’t the solution, and Catherine already had a foot in the door with some holistic healing practices. After her first spiritual awakening in 2017, her third eye opened and she gained an understanding of how to meditate, the chakra system, sacred geometry, and the inter-connectedness of everything. And that was just the beginning. There was still inner work to be done, for she was still “trapped” in the illusive mindset of needing a 9-5 job to get by, and seeking ways to escape reality for sensations of sacredness. It wasn’t until she discovered “the tap” to infinite love that noticeable recovery began to manifest in the physical. Amongst all these shifts, Catherine was also moving to Southern Oregon, and seeking a community of holistics who could show more ways of exploring this tap. Little did she know, I have a plethora of modalities for enabling people to access deeper layers of themselves, and heal from the inside out. Our miracle healing session happened on Christmas day, 2018. There was a point during our hike where I felt compelled to channel healing, and we made our way to the Unity Open Heart Center. To make a long story short, she was ready to receive; ready to completely rewire her psyche and it’s association to the dis-ease. During our session, I encouraged her to relabel it to something she actually desired, and she effortlessly channeled “Inspiration-Ease”. Catherine is now healed, and growing chronically healthier with every breath. She is dedicated to inspiring others through her practices, and her story.

Combining and practicing our parallel passions (Spirit Science, Fire Spinning, Yoga, Acro Yoga, Energy Healing, Equine Studies, and Content Creation) together lead to a undeniably divine heart/soul connection. . .

We, as a team, are dedicated to sharing our ever growing journey as we embark on our travels and become global citizens. We are committed to teaching self mastery, healing hearts, inspiring minds, and unifying the world.

Some of our future projections include choreographed partner performances, teaching workshops locally and globally, Burning Man and other festivals, and a traveling pilgrimage around the world to train with and befriend Masters of Motherlands.

At this point, there is no going back to “sleep”. The time is Now to wake up and motivate humanity to follow their heart’s callings.

See you around the world and/or in the 5D!

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge