Energy Union

Energy Union - A Workout for the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

I noticed early on in my spiritual life journey that much of my culture separated its spiritual/religious time from the rest of work and leisure time, whereas other cultures around the world practice their religion, well, religiously. I'm not saying one is more right than the other, but I have found that a life infused with gratitude and overall awareness is truly rewarding. During my travels and studies, I have gleamed and preened from all that I have experienced and looked to the future of getting the absolute most out of workout within a classroom environment.

Jesse and Shiloh - practicing QiGong

Jesse and Shiloh - practicing QiGong

Here in the United States, typically we have our physical workout in a gym, our mental workout in a school, our emotional workout in a counselors office and our spiritual workout in a church or temple. I thought, why not combine all of those things into one practice? Thus "Energy Union" came into being.

This workout is for anyone and everyone who has a belief that life can get easier and better with a little help from yourself and others. Energy Union is held in small class sizes; between 4-8 people. During the first 15-20 minutes of the practice, we gather in a circle, introduce ourselves and state to one another what it is we are desiring in our lives. Any goal or dream will do; the important part is having the courage to speak your inner truth to a small audience of your peers - this can be quite a workout of the senses all by itself. We do this for a couple reasons: One, so that everyone is in the same boat; speaking honestly about ourselves creates trust. Embracing the number one fear of public speaking is a big step into a greater liberation. Two, now that your goal/dream has been spoken to an external audience, there are now multiple people looking out for you and helping you to create the connections necessary for progress. It's like having multiple spotters whom not just giving you words of encouragement but assistance whenever possible as well.

The second part of the workout is a fusion of Yoga, Meditation and QiGong; the most fundamentally important and overall rewarding practices I have discovered in my life. The title, "Energy Union", derives from the Mandarin word "Qi", perhaps the best English translation is "Energy", and the word "Yoga" in Sanskrit means "Union". Since science has shown that all things are vibrating energy, I believe it is vital for us to be able to focus and unionize our energy, both as individuals and collectively (or, see that it already is, but perhaps could be organized in a way that serves ourselves more so). I simultaneously guide and demonstrate a manageable, yet challenging workout that keeps ones focus on the bones, tendons, muscles, organs and Qi to create a closer relationship with oneself and gain more influence over the breath, body, emotions, mind and the bio-electricity that connects everything together.

Students who have an open, humble heart and are willing to give it their best will prosper most from this practice; but still will those who are desiring to discover a little bit greater overall health and well being. If you would be interested in changing certain aspects of your life through this newly created practice, please let me know. Till then and always, blessings be.