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First Friday Fire Fest - A Grants Pass Night Life Awakening

Coming up this First Friday, August 2, 2019, will mark the 18th First Friday Fire Show IN A ROW that we have been putting on free to the public of Grants Pass, Oregon. Lately, it has been leveling up.

One of our regular performers, Michael Skaggs, always bring the spirit with his outfits, and sometimes drums with actual fire shooting out of them!

One of our regular performers, Michael Skaggs, always bring the spirit with his outfits, and sometimes drums with actual fire shooting out of them!

The gig began in an open space on the corner of the OFA (Oregon Football Academy) and then a month later to a small space right behind the Grants Pass Welcome Center. Once we began getting some more performers and audience members, it was quite clear we were needing to move to a new bigger space; especially since the facebook event for December 2018 First Friday Fire Show reached many thousands of people, 2,400 people saying they were interested, and 335 people saying they would attend. We even got the local Channel 5 News to show up! So we moved the event to the Owl Parking Lot a block away (5th and H St., downtown Grants Pass).

My partner in crime, Catherine Rutan, rocking the fire jump rope.

My partner in crime, Catherine Rutan, rocking the fire jump rope.

The show became a huge hit and well known among the valley. I had many performers reaching out and wanting to get together regularly for practices and to help support the scene!

This upcoming show will be at yet a new location; the Dutch Bros Headquarters Parking Lot on 4th and G St. (110 SW 4th St., Grants Pass). And not only that, but we have extended the show from 1 hour to 3!!! We will begin at 7:00pm with a free Yoga class as well as Acro Yoga demonstration. At 7:45pm, some break dancers I have been training with and befriending will go on till 9:00pm. At that point we will continue on as usual with our open burn jam (please reach out to me if you are an experience fire spinning performer) with accompanied local drummers. Depending on the flow, we will go till at least 10:00pm, and maybe a little after if everyone is feeling it.

See you this Friday!!

Performing with my fire sword for a growing audience.

Performing with my fire sword for a growing audience.

Fire Season is over, Burning Season has begun..

There are few things that capture our spirit with the ease that fire does. All throughout human history, every chapter seems to begin and/or end in fire; from the dawn of man learning how to first harness it for purposes of warmth, a means to cook with, and to bring light into the darkness, to the day when the fire of the sun will go out and Earth will be no more.

But that is not today...

One of our favorite props: Fire Swords

One of our favorite props: Fire Swords

Today we dance in it!

Though it is still rare, fire spinning (more simply known as "flow art") is growing in its popularity, for obvious reasons. The thrill to the audience is matched by the thrill to the performer as we apply this chaotic and rather dangerous brand of the elements into a celebratory environment.

Did I say dangerous? I rather kid at that, as fire is only dangerous in the hands of those who are careless and disrespect it; when love, care, and practice are put into the art, there is only a trace - just enough to keep our attention.

Shiloh and I have been dancing with fire for over 3 years now and have suffered ZERO serious injuries.

Shiloh and I have been dancing with fire for over 3 years now and have suffered ZERO serious injuries.

Through a means of practicing with day props and LED glow props, amidst our usual practices of yoga, QiGong, and dancing, Shiloh and I have reduced the level of risk to near Zero. We do so not only through our own practice, but also through a means of all the necessary safety precautions:

  • Zoning off our performance space with cones and caution tape
  • Bringing a ready to use fire extinguisher
  • Always having a wet towel on hand (and a Safety Person ready to spring into action)
  • Frequent prop checks
  • An organized and calm state of mind

As this is a new industry, we know we have no room for any mistakes - so we've never made one. It is a primary lesson in flow art that when a "mistake" is made, we do not focus on it as a mistake but rather a lesson to learn from and to adapt to so quickly that the audience doesn't ever realize a blunder was ever made. Life is much the same; don't focus on where you lack, else that lack will grow in your reality ( there's your yoga lesson for the day ;) ).

We would very much like to perform at your next event! Check out our Promotional Video by clicking here!

Please contact Shiloh at (903)517-9381 and book a fire spinning performance at your next party! Else message us on our Contact Page and let us make your full circle phenomenal!!


Fire Dancers

We as human beings are relative to the Earth, spiraling through the universe. We are a cool body with sphere’s of flame moving all around us. Keeping the right amount of space between the heat and us is what brings harmony. It is a dazzling display, fraught with chaos under just enough control to keep order; sometimes it gets out of hand and we’re set aflame (rarely is it serious). When we make mistakes we hope that our audience may not even notice; see that it’s just part of the show. The best performers will flow a mistake right into the next trick; invent something new. So we are not mere fire dancers, but symbolic emulators of the universe that creates us. Open your eyes and see love and danger rolled into one.


Some would say it’s risky; yeah, sure, being human is risky. We say, let’s commit ourselves to the risk and smile in its presence. In the long run, we find that this choice is the safer option. That’s not to say we don’t respect the risk; we do. With our foundation in yoga (mind-body-breath union) and qigong (energy work), we are able to better understand our body and the bodies we choose to orbit around us. When we set ourselves on fire, it is not a curse, but a lesson that we brought on ourselves. Everything is a learning opportunity. Spinning objects that are on fire makes learning a necessity.


Though both performing and teaching, we aim to fill the dark with light, the cold with heat, and the silence with noise. This isn’t a job to get rich; this is a calling to BE rich. We hope that you will support us in our endeavor to make a memory that will burn in the hearts and minds of all who witness.



Why? Why are we here? Why would someone spend their life experience practicing yoga, messing about with others through acrobatic yoga, move energy around with QiGong, move without shame in ecstatic dance, or risk injury by spinning and breathing fire?

In a word; Joy.

When I was moving through the initial start of what could be labeled as my "spiritual awakening", I had a vision where my best friends were angels. I asked them, "What is the purpose of life?" One answered back, "To walk about space." At that point I believed I was going to die. For some reason I thought that once you knew what the game was about, it was over. But no, it was truly just beginning. I expressed my insecurity to my best friends and they responded that I was not going to die, but what would I do with my life, walking about space. It took some time to calm the stirring and many a synchronicity that led me to decide that I would make a living, living. And how to best do that? Firstly by discovering the depths of ability of the mind, body and breath in unison - hence, yoga. But that wasn't enough, I needed more. I needed to teach it and do other things. There were a few who shook their finger at me and called me unprofessional, though they never followed through and affirmed their judgement. After about a year of learning yoga, I began to teach un-certified. I made many great connections this way, and learned a lot about myself and others. I continued the momentum and was requested to teach acro yoga. I knew a little and within a few days I had a plethora of information, studied and then scheduled my first class. It was a hit. I continued my education and studied QiGong (translated from Mandarin as "Energy Work", or even more broken down, "Nothing-Fire Study"), Flow Art and different styles of dance.

It's a challenge to grow my gravity and gain attendance numbers, but growth is steady, my health is phenomenal, and my enthusiasm multiplies. I won't be giving up on this one, only continuing to expand. It's a thrill to bring joy into my life, as well as others; I love being of service to those who maybe don't believe in themselves. I'm excited to perform for you, I'm excited to be your guide back to the true you and the joyous life you may have never thought possible. This thing we call "reality" is just another dream moving at a different pace then our sleeping dreams. Learning to tap into one's consciousness and reconfigure patterns of thought that do not serve yourself nor others is the key to discovering a path full of excitement and fulfillment. I know and feel that you can do it because it is actually, believe it or not, the easier way. Commit to this life; commit to walking about space; and why not with a little flavor; a little style?

The time is always NOW. Your power is in the NOW. So do it, start living the life you've been dreaming about and take the next step; NOW.

Nothing says happiness like a smile full of corn starch.

Nothing says happiness like a smile full of corn starch.