Meaning of Life


Why? Why are we here? Why would someone spend their life experience practicing yoga, messing about with others through acrobatic yoga, move energy around with QiGong, move without shame in ecstatic dance, or risk injury by spinning and breathing fire?

In a word; Joy.

When I was moving through the initial start of what could be labeled as my "spiritual awakening", I had a vision where my best friends were angels. I asked them, "What is the purpose of life?" One answered back, "To walk about space." At that point I believed I was going to die. For some reason I thought that once you knew what the game was about, it was over. But no, it was truly just beginning. I expressed my insecurity to my best friends and they responded that I was not going to die, but what would I do with my life, walking about space. It took some time to calm the stirring and many a synchronicity that led me to decide that I would make a living, living. And how to best do that? Firstly by discovering the depths of ability of the mind, body and breath in unison - hence, yoga. But that wasn't enough, I needed more. I needed to teach it and do other things. There were a few who shook their finger at me and called me unprofessional, though they never followed through and affirmed their judgement. After about a year of learning yoga, I began to teach un-certified. I made many great connections this way, and learned a lot about myself and others. I continued the momentum and was requested to teach acro yoga. I knew a little and within a few days I had a plethora of information, studied and then scheduled my first class. It was a hit. I continued my education and studied QiGong (translated from Mandarin as "Energy Work", or even more broken down, "Nothing-Fire Study"), Flow Art and different styles of dance.

It's a challenge to grow my gravity and gain attendance numbers, but growth is steady, my health is phenomenal, and my enthusiasm multiplies. I won't be giving up on this one, only continuing to expand. It's a thrill to bring joy into my life, as well as others; I love being of service to those who maybe don't believe in themselves. I'm excited to perform for you, I'm excited to be your guide back to the true you and the joyous life you may have never thought possible. This thing we call "reality" is just another dream moving at a different pace then our sleeping dreams. Learning to tap into one's consciousness and reconfigure patterns of thought that do not serve yourself nor others is the key to discovering a path full of excitement and fulfillment. I know and feel that you can do it because it is actually, believe it or not, the easier way. Commit to this life; commit to walking about space; and why not with a little flavor; a little style?

The time is always NOW. Your power is in the NOW. So do it, start living the life you've been dreaming about and take the next step; NOW.

Nothing says happiness like a smile full of corn starch.

Nothing says happiness like a smile full of corn starch.