Anxiety is Conscious Evolution Under Resistance

To my friend Dylan and the many others whom I know struggle with this issue:

Quick note to directing anxiety and poor mental chatter:

The mind is as infinite of a thing as we humans can comprehend, and these days with massive amounts of potential mental input all around us, it is quite easy to allow it to go the path of ANXIETY and other forms of over stress. Doctors and other people who treat “disorders” will prescribe medication (sadly pharmaceuticals and other items that only quell the “disorder”), but this will never SOLVE the issue,

the following will:

Since the mind is infinite, and destruction/mismanagement an “easier” short term path than construction, the path of least resistance will lead us tumbling down the rabbit hole bouncing violently off its edges the whole way down (Disney never really illustrated that bit). What to do about all this toil and trouble?? I have found three relatively easy and completely free ways to be the most helpful and constructive without having to try and FORCE your mind and body to do what you want, or worse be beaten to disease and death by your own mind.

1. Pluck the thought and replace it with a new one.

Since the ol’ braniac isn’t going any place any time soon, you might as well learn to train the littel bugga. Catch yourself having anxious thoughts and see if you can mentally remove them and replace them with a better one. If the issue persists, do your best to be compassionate to your thoughts and perhaps even ask your own mind, “What are these thoughts for?” See what intuitively comes back. Else, you can practice shifting your thoughts from problem based to solution based which can be ease as;

2. Take a few focused FULL breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and focus on that instead.

Since over stress is the number one killer, and all of that stress spawns simply from sorts of over activity, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually/energetically, the number one enabler to yourself would have to be its opposite; the single activity that sustains our life-force/soul-body and tethers it to our physical body, that being The Breath. Through 30-60 seconds of pure focused breath [you can do it], you will enable ease over your entire nervous system, be where you are in the present moment rather than in your head someplace that currently does not actually exist (“What If Land”, the poorly perceived past, and the unknown future), get into a more neutral and calm energy, and thus clean-clear yourself of all anxious energy. The trick to this technique is not just doing it, but making a habit out of doing it. You will find barriers and even motivation to not practice this (“Why brush my teeth if they’re only going to get dirty again?”), but practicing cleaning clearing yourself of anxious energy in the long run will do MUCH MORE than just get you back on an even keel. And when all else fails, give yourself your own secret weapon:

3. Ask yourself, “Can I just be ok with this experience I am having and allow myself to have it?”

The answer to this is obviously, “Yes”, but how often do you really just give yourself permission to have all the bullshit that runs through your head to just run rampant? Think about containing kids jacked up on sugar and caffeine (that you let them have, by the way); will it do you much good to even try to get them in order, or to just put them in a place where it’s ok for them to go ape shit and wait for them to crash? When we give ourselves permission to be an anxious mess, something magical happens; you cease to be an anxious mess. Because the resistance to the anxious energy you were offering it only served to exacerbate the problem! Now you may not get rid of your anxiety, but this practice will take the edge off AT LEAST.

Dear reader, we have reached the true purpose of this blog post that transcends anxious energy to the source of what anxiety is; a resistance of the fact that you are an imperfect being trying to be something you’re not: perfect. If you would just be ok with who you are, in that exact moment of not being ok with what you are experiencing, you will stand miles higher than even some of the most [financially] successful people of all time. For it is like the child mind; a child does not fret at not being able to walk and talk, though it does feel the pressure, or stress to change. Once the child is ok to simply be calm and allow itself to learn, before you know it, it’s walking, talking and beyond.

Bless up.

Introducing Catherine Rutan - A Continuing and Growing of the Dream

Introducing my Super Soul Connection; truly a reflection like none other, and an all around wondrous human being, Goddess and becoming Master Alchemist - my Priestess, my Lioness, Catherine (Liora) Rutan. She is an incredible writer, intutitive, flow artist, yogi, friend and healer. The following is a blog post we created. Enjoy. :)

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Liora and I at Lucia Falls Regional Park

Weaving Practices for Holistic Dexterity and Global Unification

Awakening from the dream and remembering its details is just the start. A good start, but once that seed of lucidity is planted, and you become aware of both waking and dream states as a whole, reality stretches beyond the limitations of our minds. What if I told you that every time we dream (aka, the “5D”), we are connecting with the greater self, and thus, able to connect with anyone? Who would appear in your 5D? What would you do? Not even the sky is the limit on this one…

Once we awaken, courageously and passionately share our heart’s desires, the recreation of dreams becomes second nature; that relative to any other skill! Everything we desire that seems so out of reach is actually hidden in plain sight, and through thinking (or vibrating) we can bring anything into fruition! Expressing one’s dreams under witness of others enables leverage and ease in the cultivation of manifestation, and is greatly multiplied when shared with those who have similar visions.

No vision, perspective, dream or experience is ever the same as another’s but it’s fundamentally important that we follow and embody our heart’s callings, less we fall into the mire of “reality” (“death and taxes”). By choosing to ignore our heart’s callings, we set ourselves up for imbalanced emotions, spiritual disconnects, mental disarray, scarcity in its many forms, and sometimes even worse. Too often enough, people are so deeply asleep that they allow physical dis-eases to manifest before waking up, realizing their infinite potential, and realigning with their divine purposes.

This was true for Catherine. Things had been shifting in her life for years in subtle ways; ways that were barely noticeable to an amateur dreamer. When she woke up in July 2018 with a completely paralyzed face, it became physically obvious that something was off. Doctors were no help. They simply labeled the illness “Lyme Disease” and sent her off with useless antivirals. It was entirely up to her efforts alone to regrow the muscles in her face, and become holy healthy again. There was no way out but in.

It was quickly obvious that traditional medicines and standard doctors weren’t the solution, and Catherine already had a foot in the door with some holistic healing practices. After her first spiritual awakening in 2017, her third eye opened and she gained an understanding of how to meditate, the chakra system, sacred geometry, and the inter-connectedness of everything. And that was just the beginning. There was still inner work to be done, for she was still “trapped” in the illusive mindset of needing a 9-5 job to get by, and seeking ways to escape reality for sensations of sacredness. It wasn’t until she discovered “the tap” to infinite love that noticeable recovery began to manifest in the physical. Amongst all these shifts, Catherine was also moving to Southern Oregon, and seeking a community of holistics who could show more ways of exploring this tap. Little did she know, I have a plethora of modalities for enabling people to access deeper layers of themselves, and heal from the inside out. Our miracle healing session happened on Christmas day, 2018. There was a point during our hike where I felt compelled to channel healing, and we made our way to the Unity Open Heart Center. To make a long story short, she was ready to receive; ready to completely rewire her psyche and it’s association to the dis-ease. During our session, I encouraged her to relabel it to something she actually desired, and she effortlessly channeled “Inspiration-Ease”. Catherine is now healed, and growing chronically healthier with every breath. She is dedicated to inspiring others through her practices, and her story.

Combining and practicing our parallel passions (Spirit Science, Fire Spinning, Yoga, Acro Yoga, Energy Healing, Equine Studies, and Content Creation) together lead to a undeniably divine heart/soul connection. . .

We, as a team, are dedicated to sharing our ever growing journey as we embark on our travels and become global citizens. We are committed to teaching self mastery, healing hearts, inspiring minds, and unifying the world.

Some of our future projections include choreographed partner performances, teaching workshops locally and globally, Burning Man and other festivals, and a traveling pilgrimage around the world to train with and befriend Masters of Motherlands.

At this point, there is no going back to “sleep”. The time is Now to wake up and motivate humanity to follow their heart’s callings.

See you around the world and/or in the 5D!

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge

Liora (Catherine Rutan) at the Rogue River Gorge

Unity Open Heart Center

The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The Unity Open Heart Center - 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

The new paradigm, nay, the timeless paradigm is upon us! Everything in which I have been dreaming about is coming true, and in some wonderfully surprising ways! Today I share with you what has happened in the first year I have been a part of the Unity Church, now renamed the Unity Open Heart Center, of Grants Pass, Oregon.

This is how I came to it:

Almost 3 years ago, I was walking along the footbridge that goes over the Rogue River into Reinhart Volunteer Park with a close friend of mine and I received what I can best label as my first ever *Vision*. In that vision I received in full detail the creation of a three story black glass pyramid that would be put in the place of the American Legion Baseball field; also the new location of the center of Grants Pass (or whatever we will rename the city) once the new bridge is put in that will extend Lincoln Rd. across the Rogue River to just west of the Josephine County Fairgrounds - this will be part of a complete reanimating of the city into something grandiose.

The pyramid will be named The Academy of the Heart, and will be a free school, performance hall and healing center for all the local, global and universal community. For more information on it, check out the Facebook page:

About a year after the vision was drawn out, I was drawn to do some spiritual public speaking lectures, so I reached out to a man I knew did relative and he directed me to the Unity Church of Grants Pass’s “Global Oneness Day” (October 22, 2017) where I would do a presentation about my life, my understandings and my goals/visions. With adamant invitation, I joined my first ever congregation with them and proceeded with the momentum that had been building. Little did I know at the time that I had already acquired the building’s original creator, Dorthy Leon, “Way of Mastery” book when I first returned to Grants Pass (my home city) in 2013 recieved from the first ever spiritual group who looked me in the eyes and collectively recited, “We see the Christ in you.” - a truly astonishing moment with them, The Circle of the Radient Heart. I digress...

President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

President Robert Pelle and myself just finished with painting the new front door.

The Unity Church space was stagnant, as still much of our local spiritual community currently is, and it was filled with low and rather disharmonic vibration with only a small handful of folks truly desiring to expand themselves, but not having the capacity to push through their fears of socially acceptable standards (even though there were already plenty of hypocrisy and lack of application of their own Five Christ Principles within the congregation), so I was welcomed in, made myself at home, and began effortlessly moving my energy around and changing things. When I threw away all the styrafoam dishes without permission is when the resistance finally began to get frustrated by my presence; by the time we had done a late spring cleaning to clean and clear over half of the hoarded, unused and worthless materials in the church, so too did over half the congregation leave. Now we are on the fast track path of reanimation for the whole space; inside and out.

Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

Mudra Meditation is just one of many epic activities we practice at Unity.

The President of the church and the Narcotics Anonymous group that meet at Unity for a meeting once a week, were amongst the primary who assisted in Unity’s renovation; a repainting of the building just took place and by spring we will have a big community garden planted. 

Now I am reintroducing a yoga class and a QiGong class, creating a New Warriors of Grants Pass Men’s Group, and adding a Josephine County Co-Ed Co-Creators group, a Reiki healing session and a Unity Consciousness and Spirit Science class that follows the Sunday Service (10:30-12:00pm) that will be 1:30-3:00. Talk about high vibes! The round space itself is already a place in which two Earth lay lines meet; so She is happier than ever now with people making full use.

Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Current Schedule of Classes. Plus I have just added a basics to fire spinning class Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Come and see us! There’s something for everyone! We’re also wanting more teachers and practitioners to add to the mix! And for young families, we have a kids room! Kids may also participate in whatever activities as well - remember, I said *Timeless* paradigm. :)

The address is 1027 SE M St., Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526.

Bless up!

Energy Union - A Workout for the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

I noticed early on in my spiritual life journey that much of my culture separated its spiritual/religious time from the rest of work and leisure time, whereas other cultures around the world practice their religion, well, religiously. I'm not saying one is more right than the other, but I have found that a life infused with gratitude and overall awareness is truly rewarding. During my travels and studies, I have gleamed and preened from all that I have experienced and looked to the future of getting the absolute most out of workout within a classroom environment.

Jesse and Shiloh - practicing QiGong

Jesse and Shiloh - practicing QiGong

Here in the United States, typically we have our physical workout in a gym, our mental workout in a school, our emotional workout in a counselors office and our spiritual workout in a church or temple. I thought, why not combine all of those things into one practice? Thus "Energy Union" came into being.

This workout is for anyone and everyone who has a belief that life can get easier and better with a little help from yourself and others. Energy Union is held in small class sizes; between 4-8 people. During the first 15-20 minutes of the practice, we gather in a circle, introduce ourselves and state to one another what it is we are desiring in our lives. Any goal or dream will do; the important part is having the courage to speak your inner truth to a small audience of your peers - this can be quite a workout of the senses all by itself. We do this for a couple reasons: One, so that everyone is in the same boat; speaking honestly about ourselves creates trust. Embracing the number one fear of public speaking is a big step into a greater liberation. Two, now that your goal/dream has been spoken to an external audience, there are now multiple people looking out for you and helping you to create the connections necessary for progress. It's like having multiple spotters whom not just giving you words of encouragement but assistance whenever possible as well.

The second part of the workout is a fusion of Yoga, Meditation and QiGong; the most fundamentally important and overall rewarding practices I have discovered in my life. The title, "Energy Union", derives from the Mandarin word "Qi", perhaps the best English translation is "Energy", and the word "Yoga" in Sanskrit means "Union". Since science has shown that all things are vibrating energy, I believe it is vital for us to be able to focus and unionize our energy, both as individuals and collectively (or, see that it already is, but perhaps could be organized in a way that serves ourselves more so). I simultaneously guide and demonstrate a manageable, yet challenging workout that keeps ones focus on the bones, tendons, muscles, organs and Qi to create a closer relationship with oneself and gain more influence over the breath, body, emotions, mind and the bio-electricity that connects everything together.

Students who have an open, humble heart and are willing to give it their best will prosper most from this practice; but still will those who are desiring to discover a little bit greater overall health and well being. If you would be interested in changing certain aspects of your life through this newly created practice, please let me know. Till then and always, blessings be.

Why Yoga? My Re-"Union"

If I could promise you a growing level of abundance and bliss for the entirety of your life, would you take my offer? If I guaranteed your success, would you be willing to take a leap of faith and go a little outside of your comfort zone in order to pursue your dreams? I am confident that I can guide you to a better life experience, though I can only show you the door, it will be you who has to walk through it and continue onto the path to the place you desire to go. I’m not here to tell you what you should or should not do; this presentation is not about you, it is about me. It is the illustration of how I learned to unify and harmonize the three things that make life possible and thus make life grand. Those are the body, the mind and the breath. This is the story of what Yoga is to me.

I used to believe disorders were real, and my mind was plenty capable to find the evidence to support their being. I used to believe in conspiracy theories, that things like surgery and pharmaceuticals were reasonable solutions, and that anxiety and depression were bad things. I used to believe that there was a right way to live. Who knew that a little focused breath in motion would clean and clear the useless jargon that was holding back my life’s true potential. And in a nutshell, that’s all yoga is; focused breath in motion to assist in cleaning and clearing our perspective on command in the aims of continuing to check and balance our pursuit of happiness from the inside, out. I learned the truth if that I simply kept a slow and steady breath, a proper posture, and a healthy/constructive mindset, then everything would fall perfectly into place. Sounds pretty magical doesn’t it? Perhaps hard to believe? That is only because we have allowed ourselves to be influenced to be overly skeptical thus closing off the mind to new creative actions and ultimately to a life that is over serious and tragic. You see, Yoga is about turning life inside out, by focusing on our internal happenings and learning about the process of what creates our external reality.

Let me offer you a free sample; perhaps your first lesson in real yoga (not western-style yoga that only focuses on stretching the physical body). Take a moment, and relax your eyes. Now, notice how you are feeling. Observe your thoughts and your current state of emotion without needing to judge it; just notice how you are right now. … Now, take a moment to focus on your natural breath and posture without changing it; just seeing it as it is. … Ok. Now, bring your back away from your chair by moving forward on your seat. With an exhale out the mouth, relax the legs completely. Starting at your hips, through your groin, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, and feet. Now inhale through your nose and gently flex your naval in towards your spine and pull your abdomen up away from your tailbone. Exhale out your mouth. Inhale again deeply through your nose pulling your chest high. Exhale completely, out your mouth and release your shoulders; feel them melt down your sides as your arms and hands become heavy and relaxed. Then inhale again through the nose, rise up with your crown as if there were an invisible cord attached to it reeling you higher towards the sky. Then slowly exhale and neatly stack your head over shoulders and shoulders over hips. Take a moment to observe your breath and posture now and experience how you feel. Likely more confident, more energized, and more relaxed, all at once. In less than 2 minutes, the unionization, or yoga, of your body, mind and breath has made a significant difference that will likely move into the rest of your day’s experience.

So why yoga? Because it is the fundamental practice of being a human being. It has next to nothing to do with a religion and more to do with a way of life; of living. Yoga improves not just flexibility, but stamina, muscle tone, healing time, constructive mindset, calm composure and an ease to the challenges that life offers. If you are interested, I teach public and private lessons that will immediately increase your quality of life; men, women and children alike. You can’t knock it, because you’ve just tried it. I encourage you to take the next step; invest in your internal self so that your influence of your external world will become that much more remarkable. Namaste, or in layman’s terms, the light in me acknowledges and respects the light in you. Thank you.

What is "Oneness"?

What is Oneness?

The shortest answer I can offer is, "This is."

Though I assume, dear reader, that is too broad an answer, even though I'm actually being very specific. I won't ask you to open your mind in order to better understand this post because I'm well aware that it cannot be closed; though one can resist and cause oneself much pain trying to stay attached to a thing that one cannot be attached to. But I digress; lets start off with a pretty picture shall we?

What I hold in my hands are two entirely different, yet practically the same, images. In my left hand, I hold an energy mapping of the entire universe as we know it, in my right, a mapping of the human brain. This image, in itself, leads me to believe that our consciousness is relative to that of the universe. Now please allow me to bring up some other, easy to follow points to both the spiritualist and the scientist in the speculation that All is One.

Firstly, one for both sides of the coin. The air we breathe. The air we breathe, we call "Prana" or "Life Force" in Yoga (which is a practice of unionizing mind, body and breath, and has to do more with way of life than a religion). We can sustain life in our bodies without food for some time, without water for a few days, but we cannot live without the breath for more than a few minutes. All of us, people, animals and plants are breathing in and out this life force and recycling it for one another. The air you are breathing in and out right now has come and gone through the systems of countless others and will go on to countless more. We all share this abundance now and forever.

This life force stems beyond just the breath to the water and the food we consume. All of it comes first from the Earth's matter which came from the galaxy's matter, which came from the universe's matter, which came/comes from... One's perception. Everything is shared and recycled and those who do not share nor recycle tend to move towards an over stressed or ended life (in the separation that I am not He/She/Them/They). To be [One] or not to be [Zero], that is the question.

On the science side, quantum physics now theorizes that everything is energy simply slowed down to the point of having a physical reality. If we could (and we can) look beyond the spectrum that the typical human eye picks up, we could see the "energy soup" we all are constantly residing in and interacting with. In the fullness of the unseen spectrum, we are countless energy particles and waves that are not separate from one another but are clearly inter-connected.

Alright, how about One more example? With 100% of everything (1.00 = 100%) in the universe, each One of us has One point of constantly changing view, and most, if not all of us, believe ourselves to be the righteous One. EveryOne has a perfectly logical reasoning as to why One believes as One does; every One. When One experiences reality, One decides (with or without training; which is why I am dedicating my life to teaching things like yoga, qigong, and more) to pick out certain details that define themselves and their universe around (and by universe I mean all that one perceives in the single One moment of Now). Mostly we look at what seems like outside ourselves and make judgments or hopefully just observations, on what is going on out there. But remember, there are 7 billion Ones! And that's just the people! We can only ever focus on a tiny percentage of what is actually going in the world. I don't care how many subscriptions you read or TV you watch, One knows very little about the bigger, constantly changing, picture.

Life can be complicated, but it can also be so incredibly simple. The war that is being fought on the front (outside the body) is being perceived by the universe within. If One is ready to end the war and have universal peace, then all One must do is begin observing within; the thoughts and feelings that may or may not turn into actions and/or a belief system. We are All One and we create ourselves either by choice and taking responsibilities for our own personal universes, or not by choice, by chance. I highly encourage you to go find yourself a teacher (or rather a guide, Oneself is always the teacher) of the internal arts (yoga, meditation, qigong, etc.) and be sure that that person gives you more than just a physical workout.

Truly, all must be unionized into One functioning being; a mind, a body and a breath that connects. The God/energy that creates me recognizes the God/energy that creates you. How about we work together (as we already are and will forever be) and create something that is absolutely Phenomenal and Out of this World!

It is only now, once, forever.