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Anxiety is Conscious Evolution Under Resistance

To my friend Dylan and the many others whom I know struggle with this issue:

Quick note to directing anxiety and poor mental chatter:

The mind is as infinite of a thing as we humans can comprehend, and these days with massive amounts of potential mental input all around us, it is quite easy to allow it to go the path of ANXIETY and other forms of over stress. Doctors and other people who treat “disorders” will prescribe medication (sadly pharmaceuticals and other items that only quell the “disorder”), but this will never SOLVE the issue,

the following will:

Since the mind is infinite, and destruction/mismanagement an “easier” short term path than construction, the path of least resistance will lead us tumbling down the rabbit hole bouncing violently off its edges the whole way down (Disney never really illustrated that bit). What to do about all this toil and trouble?? I have found three relatively easy and completely free ways to be the most helpful and constructive without having to try and FORCE your mind and body to do what you want, or worse be beaten to disease and death by your own mind.

1. Pluck the thought and replace it with a new one.

Since the ol’ braniac isn’t going any place any time soon, you might as well learn to train the littel bugga. Catch yourself having anxious thoughts and see if you can mentally remove them and replace them with a better one. If the issue persists, do your best to be compassionate to your thoughts and perhaps even ask your own mind, “What are these thoughts for?” See what intuitively comes back. Else, you can practice shifting your thoughts from problem based to solution based which can be ease as;

2. Take a few focused FULL breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and focus on that instead.

Since over stress is the number one killer, and all of that stress spawns simply from sorts of over activity, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually/energetically, the number one enabler to yourself would have to be its opposite; the single activity that sustains our life-force/soul-body and tethers it to our physical body, that being The Breath. Through 30-60 seconds of pure focused breath [you can do it], you will enable ease over your entire nervous system, be where you are in the present moment rather than in your head someplace that currently does not actually exist (“What If Land”, the poorly perceived past, and the unknown future), get into a more neutral and calm energy, and thus clean-clear yourself of all anxious energy. The trick to this technique is not just doing it, but making a habit out of doing it. You will find barriers and even motivation to not practice this (“Why brush my teeth if they’re only going to get dirty again?”), but practicing cleaning clearing yourself of anxious energy in the long run will do MUCH MORE than just get you back on an even keel. And when all else fails, give yourself your own secret weapon:

3. Ask yourself, “Can I just be ok with this experience I am having and allow myself to have it?”

The answer to this is obviously, “Yes”, but how often do you really just give yourself permission to have all the bullshit that runs through your head to just run rampant? Think about containing kids jacked up on sugar and caffeine (that you let them have, by the way); will it do you much good to even try to get them in order, or to just put them in a place where it’s ok for them to go ape shit and wait for them to crash? When we give ourselves permission to be an anxious mess, something magical happens; you cease to be an anxious mess. Because the resistance to the anxious energy you were offering it only served to exacerbate the problem! Now you may not get rid of your anxiety, but this practice will take the edge off AT LEAST.

Dear reader, we have reached the true purpose of this blog post that transcends anxious energy to the source of what anxiety is; a resistance of the fact that you are an imperfect being trying to be something you’re not: perfect. If you would just be ok with who you are, in that exact moment of not being ok with what you are experiencing, you will stand miles higher than even some of the most [financially] successful people of all time. For it is like the child mind; a child does not fret at not being able to walk and talk, though it does feel the pressure, or stress to change. Once the child is ok to simply be calm and allow itself to learn, before you know it, it’s walking, talking and beyond.

Bless up.