Exit Babylon - Welcome New Lemuria

I’ve found that it’s not the technology, but how you use it. Perception is infinite and I believe with all my heart that it’s time we put our sights on transmuting What Is into What Is Becoming. I hear a fair amount of talk about “Babylon” in relations to the American Capitalist society; and it’s true, we do consume quite a bit. But that is just What Is, What Can Become of This? Firstly, living a life of gratitude for this ridiculous amount of abundance is key; yea capitalism, yea creation and sharing of creation. Secondly, figure out what to do with such abundance? It seems we cannot fulfill the void within ourselves with stuff, at least not for very long. Buying and needing stuff as an addiction is one of the greatest epidemics of our times, but a with little introspection, we see clearly that it is fundamentally our desire for diversity and living “rich”.

On my path, earlier on I believed it was better to invest in an item over an experience, because an item is more permanent and you can keep enjoying it and an experience is fleeting. There’s a part of me that still believes this, but a new part of me that believes differently. I do still invest in stuff, but now, after the amazing experiences I’ve invested in since I studied abroad in China (2007; when my perspective majorly shifted) I primarily invest in the stuff that allows me invest in experiences. And I enjoy a plethora of experiences! Lately I’ve bought a new car, an electric guitar, yoga mats, flow art props, and clothing/costumes. All of these things are not necessary, but my desire to participate in the activities they bring are such a want that they feel necessary to my life’s growth. This isn’t very stereotypical “Buddhist” or “Spiritual” of me, but I still I've in ‘Merica, and I am happy for the ridiculousness that we are.

So I say we roll with that ridiculousness and get REALLY ridiculous. Instead of repeating history and allowing Babylon to fall, perhaps we transmute it; use what we already have and make it WAY better - lets make it a New Lemuria (Utopia)! Can you imagine a reality where man’s epic structures mesh seamlessly side by side with nature’s? If you can see it in your mind, then that is a form of reality, and it exists, but we have to believe in it and begin and keep looking for evidence of its existence. Truly, it’s equally as challenging to look at what is right then it is to look at what is wrong; but the outcomes are significantly different depending on how much we keep our sights on what we want rather than what we do not want. It’s about energizing the solution rather than the problem; the power is in making the choices and taking the steps Now.

I declare that The Academy of the Heart pyramid, one of my primary life projects, will be an investment in a New Lemurian (Utopian; where man's technology and nature seamlessly mesh) style of living. This structure will mesh the super old school with the super new school, and merge generations and nations through shared interests in a mutual (yet epic) space. It represents the entire Universe, as we know/understand it, in one location on Earth. Everything and more will be shared and we will see our age become something truly blessed; a civilization that we can proudly be a part of. I am reaching out; I need your assistance, in every form.

My first drawing of The Academy of the Heart

My first drawing of The Academy of the Heart